Promotional Products: Drinkware

Fusion Group USA is a full service promotional product provider – we have an almost limitless range of options and that’s why we post a monthly spotlight on some new, fresh, or unusual promotional products. Getting cool promo products in the hands of our clients makes us happy, but what we really want is clients that see results from our efforts.
I’m fond of saying that promotional products are more than mugs and pens, but that got me to thinking (always a dangerous thing). I went around my house and took an inventory of promotional products that I have used for over a year, and two categories stood out: pens and drinkware. It might not be the most exciting, but for April’s promotional product spotlight we’re looking at an old standard – mugs, glasses, and cups.

Spotlight on Drinkware

Mugs: Over 80% of American adults are regular coffee drinkers – that’s over 200 million coffee drinkers that are in desperate need of a container to hold their favorite beverage. By providing promotional coffee mugs to your customers, you can be the brand they think of every time they reach for another cup of joe. We offer a huge range of custom coffee mug options – from standard 11oz mugs to travel mugs to specialty or novelty mugs.
Glasses: For me, this is the number one promotional product that I have around my house (mostly from breweries – but that’s none of your business). But it’s not just that I have a lot of them, it’s the fact that I’ve had most of them for between five and eight years; and I can tell you the name of every one of them. That’s an impressive brand recognition and return on investment! Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself at beer glasses – we have options for wine glasses, mason jars, highball glasses, and more. Custom printed drinking glasses are economical, popular, and lasting – a recipe for promotional product success!
Cups: While plastic cups don’t have the staying power of glasses and mugs, their price point makes them a good choice for tighter budgets or larger runs. And even if they won’t make the coveted eight-year mark, even plastic cups are likely to stick around for months – if not years. Plastic cups are also great for handing out at events where dealing with the breakability of glass or ceramic, like sporting events and kid’s activities. We can custom print any size, shape, color, or style of cup for your next event!

Promotional Results

The bottom line on drinkware: they’re popular because they work and they don’t break the bank. You might not win any creativity awards – but is that the goal of promotional products? New and novel are fun, but I’ll take the one that is proven to work; and, again and again, drinkware has proven itself as a great promotional investment.
Fusion Group USA has custom options that fit any need, budget, and business – and with two easy ways to shop: either contact us and we’ll put together a custom estimate based on your needs, or browse our selection from the comfort of your home at our promotional product website.

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