Get Your PR Buzz On!

Public Relations helps you build a relationship with your target market, and when done successfully can drum up quite a bit of business! The PR world can be hard to navigate, especially if you have little experience with media. Fusion Group USA includes a number of PR services including writing news releases, planning strategic communications, helping with cause marketing and community outreach, and social media networking. If you are interested in starting a PR campaign, there are some sure things that will help you be successful and start a PR buzz around your business!

Building relationships with media outlets is important to starting your PR buzz, but you may not have the connections to do this. Hiring an agency that can take care of your PR can be helpful in this respect – they will have established channels where their releases and content are consistently published. Another great way to get out there, is to use social media regularly. Be sure you are using a platform that fits the type of business you are. For instance, if you are a shop that sells antiques using Pinterest or Instagram might be the best route because it is picture-based to display and draw attention to select items. Be selective about the platform you are using and base it on what your target demographic uses regularly. Another important key is to stay consistent to retain brand exposure and recognition. If you’re not sure that this would be feasible for your business, consult with an agency regarding social media networking and management as an additional service in your PR campaign.

Another great way to get PR buzz and boost your brand image is to get involved with your community! Join community events like job fests or other events that accept vendors – if you have the type of business that would do well at this type of event. You can also team up or sponsor charitable organizations or non-profit organizations when they participate or hold events. This is a great way to boost your image in the community, not only getting your business out to the community but also letting people know that you value charity. A recent study showed that 84% of people surveyed are willing to pay more for a product or service from a company that deem socially responsible.

Be sure to utilize media channels when something newsworthy happens with your business. If you are doing your grand opening or re-opening, remodeling, expanding, or basically any big change it would be great to get a little blurb in the local paper or online. Let people know what’s happening with your business and drum up some attention.

Keeping up your public image is important to maintaining your business. Having a comprehensive, strategic PR campaign tailored to your needs and market can be a benefit to your business. Hiring an agency like Fusion Group USA can benefit you in the long run because running a successful PR campaign takes knowledge and a certain skill set. We can help you with press releases, press conferences, social media networking, newsletter writing and distribution, and media counseling. Coming up with a target and generating a plan that will work well for your business is our goal! Call or stop by today to learn more about the PR possibilities!

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