PR and SEO: Together at Last

Public relations and search engine optimization are more than just a recipe for alphabet soup. PR and SEO can strengthen one another by working together toward a common goal. For many businesses, public relations and search engine optimization are siloed and seen as separate departments with very little in common. However, PR and SEO share many goals and needs: especially media outreach and content creation.
When PR and SEO work together, you can prevent doubling up on common efforts, optimize your link building strategy, and share media outreach objectives. Beyond saving time, this cooperation will strengthen your public relations and SEO through mutual education. Public relations can teach digital marketers about media strategies and outreach while the public relations team learns about link and keyword strategies from the SEO experts.

Sharing the Load

When you really get down into, public relations and search engine optimization share many of the same goals – even if they use different methods to get there. Keeping PR and SEO totally separate doesn’t make sense because you will end up doing the same job twice. There’s no sense in that.
You want to get your business name out there – whether you use earned media or organic search results doesn’t matter. What matters is the brand exposure. And here’s the beauty in that: earned media can boost your organic search results. There is no reason for PR and SEO to remain separate – they should be working together to build your brand awareness however they can.

Unified Link Strategy

A good public relations expert will be getting you earned media exposure – and in today’s media landscape that is most likely to be digital in nature. And digital media mentions will mean links back to your site, but if your PR team has been siloed from the SEO team they will not be prepared to maximize that link usage.
When PR and SEO are working together, press releases and earned media mentions become link building opportunities. And when these two teams are in sync, the links will be the right URLs with the right keywords to optimize every mention in a way that grows your business.

Content Repurposing

Both PR and SEO need content, and by sharing their efforts you can reduce the time spent producing that content. Press releases can be reworked as blog articles and SEO content can be mined for press release language. By repurposing content in this way, both teams will save time while presenting a public face that is unified with a single voice.
Whether your business is big (with full teams for both divisions) or small (with a few people wearing lots of hats), combining your PR and SEO efforts makes too much sense to ignore. It will save you time, effort, and money.

Combined PR and SEO

Or maybe you’re looking for an agency to provide PR and SEO services? You could go find two agencies, pay double the fees, and have a disjointed effort; or you could find an agency that offers both PR and SEO services under one roof. Fusion Group USA offers both – in fact, our Plus and Premium SEO packages provide built-in press releases designed to boost both SEO and PR.
Our team is well-versed in working together to optimize our efforts and save you money. Contact us today to see how combining PR and SEO can save money and increase your business today!

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