Our SEO Secret: Hard Work and Lots of Coffee

Many so-called professional SEO firms act like they have some secret search engine recipe that guarantees ranking success. They closely guard the details of the process – because they fear that they will lose customers if their method is revealed to the unwashed masses. These companies hide behind technical jargon and well-manicured charts to impress potential clients – but can they deliver on their promises or are they just hiding their incompetence?
We’re different at Fusion Group USA. We don’t claim to have the secret SEO recipe. We do the same thing as every other trustworthy SEO provider out there – we just combine it with a heaping helping of hard work. There’s no proprietary secret to our success, we just take a tried-and-tested method and don’t stop until you get the results you want.
Because of our commitment to good old fashioned hard work, we’re not afraid of revealing our methods. Because the method isn’t what makes us successful – it’s our work ethic that keeps our clients happy. We’ll tell you exactly what we do and how we do it because we’re confident that we execute it better, faster, and more effectively. Search engine optimization is our passion, and we think that when you see what we can do you’ll love it too.

The Fusion Process

We here at Fusion Group USA see ourselves as multi-disciplinarian – and we take that same approach to our SEO work by combining technical knowledge, creative output, and marketing acumen. Our process is no secret and here I’ll lay out the steps we take to optimize your website through technical, creative, and marketing methods.
In the technical process, we run a methodical audit of your website and fix any errors to allow the content to shine. For more on the importance of this process, you can read our post on the necessity of on-page SEO. On the creative front, we identify business goals and create content that drives traffic around those goals. And finally, we use our marketing experience to create customer personas and develop relevant keywords.
This combination of technical, creative, and marketing techniques gives Fusion Group USA a method that does not rely on ‘secret’ knowledge. By combining our team’s strengths, we can be open and honest about our process – because there is no secret beyond cooperation and hard work.

Technical SEO

The first step in our SEO process is the technical audit. During this initial process, we run a complete audit of every page on your website. Using the data collected from this technical audit, our team of skilled web developers fix any errors that might be slowing down your SEO gains. This includes indexing issues, broken links, duplicate content, server errors, and more.
To accomplish this technical search engine optimization, our team follows a pattern of audit and re-audit that ensures a healthy foundation before we invest in creative and marketing based endeavors. It goes like this: we run a technical audit that looks at every page, we identify errors and create a priority list of fixes, then our team of web developers gets to work on fixing and optimizing each page. Once we’ve run through the process of audit-identify-fix, we regularly come back to re-audit and ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Creative Content

Once the initial technical audit is finished, we expand our SEO efforts to include creative solutions as well. In this step, our search engine experts look at your business’ goals and build a creative plan that helps you meet those goals. This process includes content optimization, content re-writing, heading tags, image alt tags, and more.
During this step, we can also help you get started with a blog and social media presence that will increase brand awareness and help to build links over time. As with the technical audit, we rigorously track and re-evaluate our process so that we can ensure you’re getting the results your business needs. Good search engine work is equal parts technical and creative – and we don’t skimp on either.

Marketing Based Approach

Our marketing search engine optimization runs concurrently with the creative tasks. In this process, we create customer profiles based on the latest marketing data and run an in-depth competitor analysis to create a list of targeted keywords. Your website is then optimized around these keywords and we begin building your web presence through a link building campaign.
This step also has us sharing branded photos, submitting and verifying directory submissions, SEO press releases, and securing guest posts. This marketing-based approach to SEO builds your business’ online presence and will establish your website as an authoritative source of industry knowledge.

Trustworthy SEO

Our entire process, from start to finish, is open and honest. We don’t hide behind gimmicks and jargon – instead, we trust that our hard work will keep our clients happy. You can see exactly what you’re paying for on our search engine optimization plan page – from just the essentials to enterprise level premium accounts. But no matter what level is right for your business, you’ll get a dedicated account manager, phone and email support, guaranteed link building, and results that help to grow your business.
And all this is backed by our extensive data reporting – including ranking summaries, error and issue reports, competitor research, and social media monitoring (depending on your package level). Ready to put us to the test? Contact us today to see how our hard work and dedication to trustworthy SEO will help to build your business!

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