Go Organic…Search Results!

Organic search results are when people search using keywords and the list that is generated fits with keywords used in the search. Your rankings on search engines depend on a number of factors including content, design, and website coding…all related to SEO. Some business choose to pay for advertising on search engines like Google and Yahoo so that their site shows up higher in the rankings as a paid ad. This is more in the territory of search engine marketing rather than basic search engine optimization practices. Why would it be beneficial for your business to show up higher in organic search results rather than in a paid ad?

Ranking higher in search engine results mean that search engines like Google have crawled your site and found your content to be relevant and quality, your navigation is user friendly and functional, and the coding includes things like meta descriptions and tags. Google deems whether your site is going to be valuable to customers or not based on their keyword search. So, if you show up higher in the rankings for certain keywords, that means Google has found your site to be helpful to the user, and about 70% of the links that users click on are organic. This adds an element of legitimacy and credibility to your business because your site apparently has everything the user is looking for and Google trusts that the site is relevant. The higher you, the better of you are – the first five results of a search account for about 68% of all clicks according to a Marketing Land blog.

If you aren’t doing so well in the organic search department, there are a few things that may help boost your rankings. Here are some tricks:

  • Create a list of focused keywords that you can incorporate into your website. Focus on the most relevant, high traffic terms that you want to rank higher for.
  • Generating high quality content is always a good idea. You can focus on other, more technical approaches to rankings but ultimately, the quality of your content is the determining factor.
  • Pay attention to your URL. Shorter URLs with keywords separated by hyphen seem to do the best according to a Marketing Tech Blog post by Blair Symes.
  • Be a social butterfly! Linking to social media can influence SEO rankings because having external sources substantiate your brand and content in social media adds to your credibility.

Continually working towards better organic search rankings helps your business in the long run because you are what people are searching for. Your site gains relevance and validity to costumers and this could ultimately lead to more business. Fusion Group USA can design and develop your site to help increase your organic search rankings. We can also help you develop a marketing strategy, combining both online and offline, that can boost awareness of your website and your business. If you would like to discuss your website and marketing options, give us a call today!

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