Missing Out Without a Website?


Does your business have a website? If not, you may be missing out on some valuable business benefits. A website is an investment in your business’s advertising and marketing, and it will ultimately boost business for you. So what are some things that your business may be missing out without a website?

  • Having an internet presence! We live in a globalized world and the internet is one of the main drivers of our globalized society. Having an internet presence means expanding your reach and attracting new markets while staying in contact with existing customers. By the end of 2016, it’s estimated that there will be 350 million internet users in the world. You’re missing out on valuable visibility if you’re business is not online.
  • Building a better customer service reputation. Your site offers an easier way for people to connect with you in regards to your goods and service. It helps you build relationships because it gives people an insight into your business. Giving your customers the ability to contact you outside of work hours using your website and contact form adds a facet to your customer service. Having a Facebook page is also beneficial for customer service and building relationships, but having a business website adds a polished professionalism to your interactions.
  • Immediate advertising. If you regularly change products or run specials, your website offers the perfect forum to let people know about new products you are offering! It makes marketing and advertising more accessible to you as a small business owner and allows you to take control over your digital marketing campaign. With more traditional advertising methods – direct mail, newspaper, flyers, radio, etc. – the information doesn’t get to the customer immediately. There is a delay in the advertising process, and having a website allows you to get information to the customers quickly and efficiently.
  • Growing and expanding your business. With greater reach and an expanded market, your business has the potential to spread into neighboring areas and possibly further. Last year, nearly 81% of small businesses said that a website helped them grow. There are more potential customers available than just by doing business word-of-mouth.
  • Building some credibility. A website allows you to build trust with your target market. Especially if you are writing informative content that is relevant to current and prospective customers. Having something to refer customers to is great – they can read about your business and gain some knowledge of what you have to offer. Having a professional, polished website adds an element of legitimacy to your business.
  • Building a larger customer base. Having a website gives you the opportunity to collect people’s information, like an email address, to stay in contact with people on a regular basis. Having people use your website to sign up is easy, and you can offer incentives to sign up.

There are a number of things you might be missing out by not having a website. Even as a small business, a website can make a big marketing impact. If you’re not sure where to start, give Fusion Group USA a call. We have talented web designers and developers that have created a number of polished, professional sites for a variety of businesses…just check out our portfolio!

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