Making SEO User-Friendly

SEO isn’t only about ranking better on search engines. SEO should also be focused on user-friendly design, which in turn increases your chances of ranking higher. There are some things that you can include in your website design to ultimately make it user-friendly and search engine optimized.

  1. Making sure your website is mobile responsive. Most people use their mobile device to access the internet, and if your site isn’t optimized most users will leave uninterested. Plus, search engines like Google take into account whether your site is mobile optimized or not because the purpose behind SEO is to make sure that the search engine is finding relevant matches to search terms. If your site isn’t deemed relevant by the search engine, you’ll rank lower and run the risk of not being found at all.
  2. Is your site coded correctly? A site that is not developed soundly will have issues like slow load times, confusing navigation, outdated technology, and broken links. According to a blog post on TopRank Marketing by Evan Prokop, negative quality signals hurt rankings and can cause search engines to incorrectly index or miss important information. Not to mention, many people will simply leave your site if it’s not working properly and find another site that does.
  3. Make your content unique, high-quality, and keyword-rich. Your content should be short and concise to make it easy for users to skim through, but make sure it’s meaningful and relevant to your business. Keywords are words or phrases that sum up how people would find you on the internet. If I’m looking for “roofers in Grand Junction, CO” keywords that Google or other search engines would look for would be roofers, Grand Junction, and Colorado. These are words that should be included in your content so that people can find you based on search results. You wat these keywords to be inserted naturally and not come across forced; keywords should not be inserted for the sake of keywords, but rather to let people know the who, what, when, where, how, and why of your business.
  4. Site navigation should be simple and clear. You want the way you organize your site to be logical and easy to follow. Keeping categories well balanced and limiting main categories, according to a blog on Interactive Circle, helps Google index your site. Plus, it helps the user because they can easily find their way around site and get the information they want.

SEO should be focused on both ranking higher on search engines and increasing user-friendliness. Your professional website should not only be well-designed, but also easy to navigate and appealing to users. Fusion Group USA can design and develop a site with SEO in mind, while creating a user-friendly experience that is sure to boost your business. If you’re concerned with how well your site is ranking and how user friendly it is, contact Fusion Group USA for suggestions or a complete website redesign.

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