Logo Design: Time for a Facelift?

If your company has a logo, how do you know if it’s time for a redesign? Your business evolves, like you! Which means your brand and your logo – the foundation of your brand – changes as well. Evaluating your brand identity and logo can keep your business relevant and help you keep up with market trends. So why would you need to redesign your logo?

You may have recently changed your business look – updated your store décor, redesigned your website, or got new signage. If you’re already updating, why not take a look at your logo? Evaluate your logo in comparison to your updated look, if it looks outdated when stacked against your new design it’s time for a facelift. Does it make sense aesthetically? Make sure you get some outside opinions because you are too invested and you’ve probably looked at it a million times, not mention you’re a little swayed because it’s your logo. Even simply changing the colors may help. You might not think it’s that important, but branding is all about conveying a consistent, reliable message that creates a cohesive identity.

Another reason you may need to take a look at your logo is if you have expanded your market. You may have started a website and increased your site traffic which then in turn increased your business and you are getting more and more people that were not in your original demographic target. Your logo may have been designed with a certain group in mind, and now you find that you need to appeal a new group of people. You need to be sure that your logo is appealing to various age groups – you don’t want to make you logo too young and fresh while isolating the older generation. A good rule of thumb is to keep it simple and clean – think of companies like Target, Google, and Nike. Simple colors, design, and a good use of white space. When looking at the top brands, 95% of them use only one or two colors according to a DesignBuddy post, and 84% of them employ a clean and clear font style.

A strong logo should reflect your brand identity clearly, establish a sense of trust or loyalty, and be unique! It is the foundation of your brand and should be something that you are proud to put out there. Evaluating your logo design regularly is a good idea, just make sure that you don’t change it too often. You want to be consistent, and a redesign should be timed so that it fits within the evolution of your business. Fusion Group USA can help with graphic design and your logo – we can take your business identity and personal taste into account while designing a great-looking, professional logo that will appeal to your target demographic. Call today for some logo and graphic design advice and we can get started on the perfect logo design or re-design!

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