Logo Colors – An Important Choice

Developing an eye-catching logo should be the cornerstone of your brand development. And one key to good logo design is color choice – as it often evokes powerful emotions and feelings in the viewer. On both a physiological and cultural level, colors shape how we think about certain products – from a trustworthy blue to creative purple, the way we perceive color will affect how we perceive a brand.

  • Black – Evokes feelings of authority, fashion, and confidence. Think of luxury brands like Lexus and Chanel – their use of black is bold and powerful.
  • Blue – A trusted and conservative color, blue is a great option for brands that want to project an image of trustworthiness. Blue is also the most used color in corporate logos – so if standing out is your goal it might not be a good choice.
  • Green – A calming color, green is also rapidly becoming a color of nature-conscious brands and products
  • Orange – An energetic and friendly color, orange is an increasingly popular choice in brand logos. Home Depot is a great example – projecting a brand that gets things done and is friendly toward the do-it-yourselfer.
  • Purple – Traditionally the color of royalty, today the color purple often evokes a sense of creatively. See the Fusion Group USA logo for a creativity-inspiring use of purple.
  • Red – The color of passion and action, Red is a great choice for brands that want to call to mind strong feelings and bold actions. Red also has the added benefit of looking good against either a white or black background.
  • Yellow – This color creates feelings of clarity and logic – evoking sound decisions and productivity, yellow is the obvious choice for brands such as Post-Its.
  • Rainbow – While technically not a color, the rise of cheaper 4-color printing has coincided with an increase in multi-colored logo designs. These designs often present themselves as fun (think Skittles) or multi-disciplinary (think Google). Given the recent rise in these designs it also creates a newer and more progressive image.

Color is a powerful force – evoking images, emotions, and feelings; all important factors to be considered when creating your brand identity and logo. A qualified graphic designer can help you to understand just what colors will appeal to your target audience – contact Fusion Group USA today if it’s time for a new, redesigned, or refreshed logo.

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