Last Minute Digital Advertising

In traditional advertising, last minute advertisements or changes are almost impossible. Digital advertising has the benefit of allowing for last minute ad placement, a strength that is especially pronounced around the holiday season. When it comes to traditional advertising, you must figure in time for design, print, production, publication, and mailing – forcing advertisers to have their full holiday campaign in place before Thanksgiving. However, with social media and search engine advertising, advertisements can be added, amended, or scraped anytime leading up to the holiday season.

What’s more, digital advertising allows businesses to reach consumers where they are – searching for gift ideas online and browsing social media. Each year we hear about the growth of online holiday shopping, and digital or PPC advertising is a great way to reach this growing demographic.

Holiday Social Media
The holidays are a popular time on social media – families are gathering and photo opportunities abound; and businesses can tap into this holiday cheer with last minute social media advertising. This is especially true of local businesses, as there are less concerns about shipping time and costs.

The instant nature of social media advertising allows businesses to customize their last-minute advertising to highlight popular trends, push lagging products, or target a specific audience. As long as there is a deadline, there will always be procrastinators; and the pressure of last minute shopping helps to build urgency right into your advertising efforts.

Search Engine Frenzy
Digital advertising also covers search-engine based PPC advertising. As with social media, last minute PPC advertising can instantly reach procrastinating shoppers. Offering discounts on gift-worthy products and services is a great way to capture the attention of harried shoppers, or consider pushing a gift-guide for those still struggling to find just the perfect gift for a loved one.

A quick trip to the mall in the week before Christmas will attest to the power of last minute shoppers. The hustle and bustle only picks up the closer you get to the holiday – rising to a crescendo the last two days before Christmas. If you missed out on the early season advertising, do not worry! Using digital advertising to get out a last-minute message can drive as much business as Black Friday and early season campaigns.

Last-Minute Solutions
Fusion Group USA understands the need to have a profitable holiday season, and we’re experts in social media and PPC advertising. Covering anything from a single holiday ad to a full year-long advertising and marketing campaign, Fusion Group USA has the skills, tools, and experience necessary to capitalize on digital advertising for your business. Contact us today if you’re interested in exploring how digital advertising can help your business.

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