Large Format Printing for Trade Shows

Thanks to the leaps and bounds in printing technology and capabilities over the past two decades, the popularity of large format printing has grown exponentially. For a long time, printing on mediums over 18 to 20 inches wide was cost prohibitive for all but the largest players. But now, large format options are available to small business, mom-and-pop shops, and cash-strapped startups.
One area where large format printing is especially visible is on the trade show circuit. Standing out on the crowded trade show floor relies on having access to big, vibrant printed materials – and Fusion Group USA offers a wide range of trade-show based products to help you attract the attention you need.

Trade Show Focus

Attracting attention at a busy tradeshow isn’t easy. Every single presenter is fighting for the same limited attention of the attendees – and having the right booth image is vital to getting (and keeping) that attention. Our trade show products are focused on helping businesses accomplish just that – standing out when it really matters. Here’s a quick look at four of our most popular trade show products:

  1. Backdrops: Arguably the most important part of your tradeshow display, we offer an array of backdrops that are easy to set-up and take down while featuring vivid colors and crisp images. For those looking for something more in-depth, we can create custom walls, trusses, and even portable meeting rooms.
  2. Table-throws: Keep your entire booth looking on-brand with custom printed table covers. With full dye sublimation printing, these table throws are guaranteed to match your brand identity perfectly.
  3. Rugs and Floor Coverings: With a huge selection of shapes and sizes, a custom rug or floor covering can be just the thing to help make your booth stand out. We also have options for ergonomic floor coverings to help save your feet from a long day on the trade show floor.
  4. Flags: Make your presence known with a custom printed advertising flag. With everything from teardrop to feather angled, our flags look great inside or out. These custom flags are great, especially for making an impact on the larger tradeshow floors.

Stand out from the Competition

Gaining attention on the tradeshow floor isn’t always easy, but the right large formatted printed material can help. And Fusion Group USA has the large format capabilities to create whatever you need – from backdrops to floor coverings to flags.
As a large format printer, we pride ourselves on our flexibility. Because we know that standing out comes from taking risks and trying new things, we are always pushing the bounds of what we can do. So when it comes time to plan your next trade show appearance, don’t feel constrained by what has already been done – instead set your mind on what is possible and let us bring that vision into reality.
If your business has a tradeshow coming up, contact us today to see how we can make the trip worth your investment.

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