Large Format Printing 101

Most businesses will have need of printing banners, large posters, or large-scale art prints at some point – whether for advertising, trade shows, or promotional events. Professional printers can provide large format printing of these products; covering sizes between 18” and 100”. For specialty cases over 100″ there are still options – including printers that can handle such projects called super wide or grand format printers. Large format printing is common in projects like event posters, promotional banners, vehicle image wraps, trade show graphics, murals, architectural plans, and backdrops for media sets.

The Nuts & Bolts

Large format printers are high-end machines that combine the ability to produce superior quality images with the size needed for such special projects. Typically utilizing inkjet technology to produce the printed image, these printers employ nozzles to apply the ink to the media – whether it is paper, vinyl, or canvas. Unlike offset printing, large format printers apply ink directly onto the roll of print material, feeding continuously through the print process.

Great Expectations

When ordering large format jobs, be sure to talk to the printer about how the final product will be used, where it will be displayed, and the necessary bleed specs for the printer. If your logo or another signature graphic will be on the printed item, discuss color matching with your printer as well. These decisions will affect the design and printing processes, materials used, and finishes. Good communication throughout the design and print will ensure that your large format project fits exactly what you need.

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Fusion Group USA prints a variety of large format products including banners (both indoor and outdoor), backlit film, window clings and perforations, magnets, floor and wall graphics, posters, wallpaper, printed canvas and textiles, adhesive vinyl, and more. We also have talented graphic designers that can help come up with the right design to make a large impact on customers. Call Fusion Group USA today or use our contact form to learn about large format print options available and discuss what would be best for your business advertising and events.

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