Keep Your SEO Tank Full!

Think of your website like you would a vehicle. If you don’t keep the car maintained and fill it up from time to time, your car is not going to run for very long. Think of SEO as the fuel you put into your car – if you let it run on empty, the car will stop running just like if you don’t consistently stay on top of SEO, your website will stop ranking. If you’ve worked hard on your website and been patient with your SEO, you want to maintain your status so your website doesn’t “break down”! SEO is a battle that takes time and effort, but once you get to where you want to be how do you stay there? There are a few things that you can do to maintain your rankings that are relatively simple.

  1. Update your site regularly.

Google takes into account the quality, relevancy, and freshness of your site and its content. Keeping your site regularly updated will mean continued indexing and rankings. Not to mention it gives the impression to visitors that you are a credible business that values customers and wants to keep them in the loop.

  1. Enhance your site’s speed.

Site speed is important to ensuring people stay on your site. Ideally, Google like mobile sites with a load speed of less than one minute but really any time you can take off your load is beneficial. If your site takes too long to load, people are less likely to stay on the site. Optimizing images for your site, limiting widgets, and avoiding external embedded media can help with your load time. If you want to learn more read our blog post, “How Fast is Your Site?”.

  1. Outbound and internal links are important.

Include links in your content to relevant sources and credible brands that are related which adds credibility to your business as well – you’re helping people find other relevant information. Utilizing outside sharing and posting your content elsewhere, encouraging people to click leading them back to your site will help drive traffic to your site. You can also link between pages on your site. For instance, the Fusion Group USA blog links back to our portfolio or to other blogs when they are mentioned in posts.

  1. Do you have a social media presence?

Although there is some debate as to whether social media sites can affect your SEO, search engines often regard social media as authority brands that hold high relevance. Adding social media buttons to your site and encouraging people to share your content on social media can help build links and traffic. If you regularly write content for your site, link to it on social media so that people can visit your site and generate more traffic. If you are getting links from social media, Google and other search engines read that as relevancy which could lead to possible boosts.

You want to make sure your website’s SEO tank is filled and ready to go! Maintaining your website not only makes it more appealing and user-friendly, it also will help your SEO. These are not difficult things to stay on top of, but for busy business owners it takes time that you may not have. Hiring an agency like Fusion Group USA could be a huge help because they have the knowledge and expertise to stay on top of your SEO for you and make sure your site is well maintained and updated.

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