Keep on Message: How We Build Websites that Communicate

The main function of a website is to communicate your message. On its face, that sounds obvious; but it too often gets lost somewhere in the design process. Every decision should be governed by one, over-arching question: does this help to communicate my message?
Whether your goal is to sell, educate, or entertain; it is vital that your website is designed with your message in mind. It is all too easy to forget about keeping your message front-and-center in the sea of design decisions. At Fusion Group USA, we talk a lot about letting our customer’s message speak through our design.
We know that we’re here to support our clients – not show off our own skills. That means that every decision we make comes back to its relation to the core message. The latest design element may be really cool and look great, but if stands in the way of the message it must go. We start with the message and build around it – rather than starting with the design and forcing the message into it.

Message Focused Design

Presenting a confusing message is a common problem with websites. That’s why we work so hard on staying message focused from the initial layout to the final design. In the process, we look at three ways to maintain that focus:

Clear Hierarchy

Every website has a lot of information to present, but not all that information is equally important. And a good web designer will take that into consideration when developing the layout of a custom website. There is a myriad of studies showing the best place to important information – developed from data tracking and cognitive studies. We keep up with the latest information so that we can place your most important message in the most visible places.
By highlighting the important information this way, we can keep your message in focus without sacrificing other (but less important) information.

Keeping it Simple

Many web designers want to show off their skills by including every new trick and method in every design. It is great for their portfolio but bad for your message. Now, when we say our designs are simple – don’t think we mean simplistic. We always use the latest in design techniques to build websites that stand the test of time.
By simple, we mean that our designs let your message speak without competing with unnecessary elements. Simple design is far from easy – it takes extensive planning to determine the perfect balance of content, design, and interactivity.

Consistent Communication

A big part of presenting a clear message is maintaining consistency across the website. Inconsistent design clouds the message by being disjointed and difficult to follow. A website that changes appearance, feel, or mood across pages will be presenting different messages on each page – and that will do nothing but confuse the visitors.
That is why we always build our websites from scratch. With complete control over every page, form, and button on your site, Fusion Group USA can ensure that your message is presented consistently across your entire site.

Custom Web Design

Fusion Group USA specialized in designing websites that are clear, simple, and consistent. This commitment allows us to present your message to your customers without being bogged down in crazy design and questionable decisions. Our team of web designers spends a lot of time in the planning stage with a focus on your message – and we’re not happy until it is being communicated in a clear and honest fashion.
If you, your business, or organization needs a website that communicates your message to the world, contact Fusion Group USA today! We build 100% custom sites and offer a series of web design packages that are affordable for any budget – call us today for a free consultation.

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