Tips on Increasing Traffic For Better Conversion Rates

In the world of online marketing and website design there is something called “conversion” – this is when online users convert into paying customers. The purpose of your website is probably to increase your conversion rate, generating more business. But what if you’re running into some issues getting online traffic to spend their money with your business, or issues with getting online site traffic in the first place? There are a few things that you can do to fix some of your conversion worries.

Taking your website design into account, there might be some problems that are turning folks away. Is your site up-to-date? Is it user and mobile-friendly? Is your site designed so that important content is emphasized? Making sure that your website content and design is still relevant and updated is important to letting customers know that you value your image and products/services. In addition to this, making your site user-friendly and responsive encourages customers to stay on your site longer, decreasing your bounce rates. Also, look at how your content is formatted and laid out – are you giving user clue as to what is important or is all your text the same? You need to make sure you have headings and titles that distinguish important info like contact information, the call to action (you have one of those, right?), or store information. These things will help engage users.

Something called typography could be the missing piece causing you to have conversion problems. Ankit Oberoi in a blog post entitled “Web Design 101: How Typography Affects Conversions” discusses the art of text – typeface, fonts, line length, leading, kerning (white space between letters), and tracking in your web design. He makes the argument that users immediately judge your site based on how the text looks to them. People decide whether they will get what they’re looking for within seconds of being on your site based on the text – type of font, color, size, letter spacing, etc. all impact the user. You want to make sure you select a typeface that fits within your identity but also one that is legible and easy on the eye.

Maybe you think design isn’t your problem, but with visibility on search engines? Well, design and content can play a huge part in your visibility! You need to make sure your content is high-quality, credible, and relevant so that search engines like Google pick this up when your site is crawled. You also want to make sure that your site is coded properly and loads quickly and efficiently. SEO can play a huge part in conversion rates and is important to take into consideration when designing your site.

Fusion Group USA can help you diagnose the issues that you may be having with your site. We have access to analytics and extensive knowledge on SEO, design, and development that will surely benefit your site and your business. Fusion Group USA can also help you develop a marketing plan and social media plan that can help drive traffic to your site and ultimately increase your conversion rates.

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