How to Direct Mail: 10 Dos and Don’ts

The reputation of direct mail is often wildly inaccurate. When we talk about direct mail, I fear that a lot of people picture sending out tens of thousands of mailers in a spray-and-pray fashion. But modern direct mail is a totally different animal. Today, direct mail can be targeted to a highly specific audience based on a huge range of demographic factors.
Success in direct mail marketing and advertising looks very similar to running a successful digital campaign – understanding your audience and offering them real value and benefits. Today, we look at 10 dos and don’ts when it comes to running a direct mail campaign. Follow these guidelines on your next direct mailer:

Don’t Be Misleading

We’ve all seen those direct mail advertisements – the ones that are designed to look like important documents or have ‘time sensitive’ stamped on the outside. Even the most naive of customers is unlikely to fall for that old ploy, and you end up looking deceptive and desperate in the process.

Do Present Real Benefits

If you’re not going to rely on deceptive tactics to get attention, you need to offer some real value and benefits. Your product or service helps people – so focus on that rather than relying on gimmicky sales practices. Before sending out a direct mailer, sit down and come up with the top five benefits you offer and build from there.

Don’t Miss Your Mark

Demographic targeting is great, but if you’re offering a hyper-focused sales pitch make sure you get it to the right people. Every targeted mailer that misses the mark costs you money and hurts your ROI. If you’re unsure you can hit a highly specific audience, consider broadening your offer so that you are not wasting your resources.

Do Get a Quality List

A respected direct mail provider is essential to getting a quality mailing list. This company will be able to give you advice on balancing your targeting with casting a wide net – otherwise, you’ll end up wasting time and money. A direct mail service provider can give you estimates on how many people you can reach given your geographic and demographic parameters – take full advantage of that service!

Don’t Use a Gimmicky Sales Pitch

It might work on late-night infomercials, but it won’t with direct mail. Customers see right through the gimmick and you’re left looking silly. A good rule of thumb to follow is that if you wouldn’t offer the pitch in person, it doesn’t belong on your mailer.

Do Spend Time of Your Copy

Design is critical, but if your copy is poor-quality, gimmicky, or stale you won’t convert. If you can craft compelling copy on your own, great! If you can’t, consider hiring a professional copywriter. You’re already investing in design, print, and mailing costs, don’t skimp on your copy.

Don’t Have Conflicting Design

Many direct mail advertisements try to do too much. There is too much detail packing into not enough space and the customer isn’t going to do the hard work of deciphering your work. If a mailer isn’t clear and obvious, it is going to end up in the trash. So, make sure your design works with your copy to present a clear message

Do Hire a Professional Designer

A proper design will lend your advertisement a professional appearance, while an amateurish design will set you off on the wrong foot. A professional graphic designer will also understand how to structure your mailer in a way that draws attention to your most important details and increase your conversion rate.

Don’t Bury Your Call to Action

Your direct mail should have a clear goal in mind – generating visits, calls, or clicks. Make sure that you don’t bury that call to action. If a customer must hunt for the call to action, your piece is likely to fail. When you’re sending unsolicited advertisements, even the smallest flaw will land you in the trash can.

Be Clear and Straight-Forward

If you want customers to visit your website, tell them. If you want them to call you, tell them. If you want them to like you on Facebook, tell them. Don’t rely on customers to figure out what to do next – instead, make it exceedingly clear to them from the beginning. If something in your design or copy isn’t 100% clear, get rid of it. Keep hacking away at unclear and unnecessary elements until you are left with a crystal-clear picture of what you are offering and what they can do about it.

How to Direct Mail

Direct mail is a powerful marketing and advertising tool, so how can you capitalize on this method of reaching customers? It really is easy. Just figure out some basic target audience information, pick a location to target, and give Fusion Group USA a call.
We offer graphic design, copywriting, printing, and mailing services all done in-house. That means that we can handle every step in the direct mail process and save you money in the process. Contact us today to see how direct mail can help to grow your business!

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