How Long Does SEO Take?

How long does SEO take? That’s a common question we get, but unfortunately, it is hard to give a clear answer. So much depends on the current state of your website, your location, and your market. But there are some general guidelines we use when setting customer expectations for search engine optimization. 

Generally, you should start seeing SEO results in about six months after starting a concentrated effort. That will be closer to a year for highly competitive markets or locations. Or closer to four months for non-competitive markets or if you’ve website is exceptionally well built.  

There’s the quick (and highly inaccurate) answer: 4-12 months.  

Why Does it Take so Long? 

Another question we get a lot: why does SEO take so long? I understand the frustration, but it’s like asking why building a house takes so long. There’s a lot of work involved and skimping on any of the necessary steps leads to failure. 

Skipping the foundation would save time on home construction until the first storm hits and you’re back to square one. 

So, SEO takes so long because it’s building for long-term sustainability and that takes time. Rushing the process will only sabotage your efforts later. Even if you worked 24-hours every day to optimize your site, it takes time for the search engines to catch up. 

The bottom line: if you want SEO success, do it right (slow) way. 

SEO the Right Way

Every SEO campaign will look different depending on your unique situation and goals. But there are common themes that crop up again and again. 

Here at Fusion Group USA, we work from a baseline that looks something like this: 

  • Months 1-2: Conduct in-depth site audit and competitor analysis, build step-by-step SEO plan, compile targeted keywords, and begin on-site optimization. 
  • Months 3-4: Continue on-site optimization, begin content creation, and cleanup site architecture and existing content. 
  • Months 5-6: Refine long-term strategy, continue content creation, begin outreach/promotional campaigns, and optimize pages for conversion. 

Six months can feel like a long time, but it allows enough time for your efforts to get noticed by the search engines. We’re not saying you’ll be number 1 after six months – but if you follow the above plan you’ll start seeing improvements in the 4-6 month range. 

Is it Worth the Wait?

There are ways to get faster results. You can start paying for PPC search ads and be at the top of the SERPs the same day. What makes SEO worth the wait? 

Search engine optimization gives lasting results. PPC ads can be a great tool, but the day you stop paying, you stop getting results. There is little long-term benefit to paid advertising. But gains made by SEO stick around for the long run.  

While algorithms do change, the basic principles of search engines and optimization will remain the same. Social media changes, PPC ads go away, but a well-optimized site will never hurt your marketing efforts. 

SEO is Hard Work

Just like building a house, optimizing your site for search engines takes time and hard work. But the payoff is absolutely worth the effort. At Fusion Group USA, we specialize in creating SEO campaigns that get results in a sustainable and lasting way.  

Contact us today to get started on the path to SEO success! 

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