Hosting: Finding a Place on the Internet

So you’re interested in getting a website built for your business and you want to make sure you understand exactly what you’re paying for. There are a few pieces to the process that you may not be aware of, a big one being hosting. You may think that getting the website designed and developed is all you need to do to get it launched and up on the internet. However, hosting is big part of getting your website launched and functional. But, what is hosting?

Hosting is basically the space that you get on the internet to have your website. Still a little confused? Think of it this way. The Internet is one big city with thousands of neighborhoods and lots. Your hosting service is like the lot or plot of land where your business sits. Your domain address is the address of your business where people can find you, and your website design is the actual building. All the coding and development that goes into your site is the building materials used to build your business. When you pay to have a business website designed you are paying for the graphic design work and the coding that goes into your site, but without your plot of land your site would have no ground to stand on. This is why hosting is important to your site.

Every building needs a little maintenance from time to time to keep it looking and working great, right? Well, when looking for a hosting service, this is something to consider as well…are you going to get some site maintenance and extra care? Fusion Group USA has a number of packages that you can choose depending on how much maintenance, space, and extras you need. For example, the basic hosting package includes just hosting which is great for small sites. The premium hosting package includes hosting, more web space and bandwidth, business email accounts, and monthly editing. So, you get a professional site and some extra attention to keep it looking great and functioning at its highest potential!

Website design can be daunting, especially if you’re not sure what goes into it and what you’ll get out of it as a business. Understanding the basics of what goes in to the website process is key so that you don’t get yourself into contract that is unfavorable to you. There are design companies out there that take advantage of the lack of understanding about website design, but you can be assured that with Fusion Group USA, we will be straightforward with you from the get go so there are no surprises. If you are curious about what it would take to get your website started, redesigned, change hosting services give us a call. We can help you work through the process!

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