6 Tips for Hiring a Graphic Designer

The world of graphic design is filled with people overpromising and under delivering. With everybody who shells out for an Adobe subscription and access to stock artwork claiming to be the next big thing in graphic design, what do you when you looking for a trustworthy graphic design agency? Today we’ll look at six ways to determine if your provider is the real deal or just a pretender. Follow these tips for hiring a graphic designer and save yourself a serious headache later on!

1. Communicate Your Needs

I know, this sounds more about you than your graphic designer. But here’s why this is our number one tip: a good graphic design firm will listen when you talk. Whether you are talking about your brand identity, your target audience, or your business goals; a professional graphic designer will highly value that information.

If your graphic designer tries to tell you what you want rather than listens to what you need, it’s time to dump your designer. Working with a graphic design provider is a relationship – and just like all relationships, it is built on open and honest communication.

2. Verify Experience

Every year thousands of new graphic designers are graduated and looking to put their new skills to work. And there’s a place for new graphic designers, but when your business reputation is on the line you don’t want it in the hands of a recent graduate. Graphic design is a skill that is honed over time – so look for a designer that has experience.

Most graphic design firms will have new designers on staff – but they work under the supervision of experienced professionals. So, don’t let one young designer scare you away. But if you walk into a room of nineteen-year-olds, maybe reconsider your choice.

3. Browse Their Portfolio

This one should be a no-brainer – but I’m continually surprised by how many people hire an agency without looking at their work. But even then, what should you look for in a portfolio? There are several things to keep in mind when looking at a potential graphic design provider portfolio. But the most important is this: look for broad experience.

Some designers are great for a very specific look – but are pretty terrible at everything else. Even if you are going for a specific look, it is better to have a graphic designer with broad skills – otherwise, you’ll be stuck with the same look until you finally move on to a better option.

4. Check Reviews

Looking through portfolios is helpful, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. Portfolios can be doctored (or even worse, faked) to make a design firm look better than they are. But reviews will give you a clear picture of how things really work. Do the designs meet the client’s specifications? Are they delivered on time? How were revisions handled?

Combining customer reviews with portfolio strength should give you a pretty clear picture of the quality of a graphic design agency. But many people are slow to review service providers. If a company has no reviews consider asking for references from past clients – any quality company should be happy to oblige.

5. Location, Location, Location

While we’re not talking about real estate, location still matters when it comes to choosing a graphic design company. Technology makes collaborating across the country (or even world) relatively painless, but there are still locations questions to consider.

Overseas designers might be cheaper, but they bring their own challenges. The two biggest are language barriers and time difference. As we stated in tip 1 above, communication is vitally important and a language barrier can easily lead to misunderstood creative direction. While time differences make for difficulties in collaborating in a timely manner.

6. Cost Considerations

At some level, you get what you pay for. If you’re dropping five dollars on a designer in Pakistan, then you’re going to get a few dollars’ worth of work. And that means some text slapped on a stock image. But there are also design agencies that are charging high rates just because they think it makes them look better. For most businesses, there is a happy medium somewhere in the middle.

Your graphic design shouldn’t be breaking the bank, but it should be seen as an investment in your business. Also, watch out for shady pricing policies – your prospective design agency should be upfront and clear about what exactly you get for what you are paying. Questions of revisions, turnaround times, and guarantees should all be addressed when talking about cost.

Graphic Design Services

Quality graphic design is an important part of any business; it affects your marketing and advertising, your brand identity, your reputation, and your customer loyalty. It’s too important to leave up to chance. But how do you find a provider that offers high-quality work at reasonable prices? Well, fear not! Your search is over.

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