Guerrilla Marketing: Still Alive and Well in 2019

Marketing has evolved over the years, pulling away from the traditional media conduits of newspapers, magazines, and TV, and towards the futuristic world of digital. But, there is still one tried and true marketing method that has withstood the sands of time since its’ inception in the 1980s: Guerrilla Marketing.

Sensational Word of Mouth Marketing

Guerrilla marketing is an often-controversial, “in-your-face” style of advertising that some see as quite intrusive, but, when used masterfully, is highly effective.

Regardless of industry type and company size, guerrilla marketing has proven its’ value as the quirky offspring of digital and traditional marketing. From Coca-Cola’s Happiness Machine, to the banana-suit clad T-shirt dude passing out strawberry shaped coupons, guerrilla marketing breeds sensational word of mouth, which can favorably turn the tide in the war of competitors.

Hands On 

Face-to-face, hands-on, and word-of-mouth generating, guerrilla marketing can be inexpensive in cost, but wealthy in results. This is one form of marketing that heavily, heavily relies on an innovative concept flooding over with creativity. Because it is meant to grab the public’s attention, strategy and access to the resources is crucial to a properly executed plan.

Positive Branding

Make your guerrilla campaign endearing. It should be both noticeable and memorable. It’s easy to draw your logo on the sidewalk of a public place, but will people remember it? Even more importantly, will they talk about it? Also, remember, the objective is to give people a positive experience with your brand.

A great guerrilla campaign will often look rebellious in nature and it may even be a little shocking, but the purpose is to increase awareness and ultimately associate positive emotions with your brand.

The most difficult challenge to a guerrilla marketing campaign is generating something innovative. Great guerrilla marketing ideas are most effective the first time they are executed.

Industry leaders carve new paths, and if your company’s marketing is walking in the footprints of another brand, your campaign may be lost in the stampede.

Guerrilla marketing campaigns can range from a free flash mob carried out by members of your organization, to a million-dollar project that involves acquiring licenses, permits, and props.

Start small. Experiment with small, inexpensive ideas first. Potential customers will begin to notice that your company is whimsical and unpredictable, and start watching for what you come up with next. As revenue increases, you can increase your budget for bigger campaigns.


The Downsides to a Guerrilla Marketing Strategy

Time investment

Guerrilla strategies take a long time to think up, plan and execute.


This is a in person strategy so it’s hard to measure the results of the campaign.


There’s a chance that your marketing tactic could be misunderstood as something else which could cause logistic and reputation issues.

Not for every industry

A cell phone company, heavy on trendy new technology, has a more impressionable audience; then a prestigious accounting firm with a more conservative brand.


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