Great Logo Design

You want your logo to be memorable and appealing to your market. It sums up your business identity in a visual that should be designed to catch attention and build recognition. There are plenty of great and not so great logo designs out there, but if you follow these 10 tricks your will be one of the great ones!

  1. Make your logo unique and recognizable. Learn from others but try to stay away from designs that are too similar to your inspiration. Keep it unique to your business identity and something memorable.
  2. Your logo should be adaptable. The design should be flexible and work in a number of different formats.
  3. Stay away from trends and fads – your design will end up looking dated and out of touch. You want your logo to be enduring.
  4. Be sure your logo is appropriate for what you do and reflects your company’s culture and values. If you run a toy shop, you want your logo to be playful and appealing to your market. Your design wouldn’t be comparable to a telecommunications business logo for instance.
  5. Research your audience, understand the market you are targeting. This can give you some insight into what design, colors, typeface, shapes, etc. might be appealing to your market.
  6. If you’re going with a typeface in your logo or as your logo, choose carefully. You don’t want something that will come off as passé in 5 years. Try and keep it simple and appealing to the eye, and limit yourself to two legible fonts.
  7. Keep it as simple as possible. If you are unsure of whether something will fit or not, leave it out. Subtract all the added fluff and prune it down to something simple and to the point.
  8. If you are working with type only, check for any hidden words. Putting words together or trying to be creative with the text can create or draw the eyes to words that you may not want to be read. Double check and ask for other people’s opinion.
  9. Think about what you don’t like and be sure to let your graphic designer know. This way they can avoid things that you already know you hate and work on something that you’ll love.
  10. Think about colors. This is something that you’ll want to put some major though into because this should also be considered when going through the branding process. You want consistency. Being aware of what color can invoke is also important – if you are interested in the psychology of color, read our blog post “The Logic of Color: Branding with Color in Mind.”

Fusion Group USA hires talented, knowledgeable graphic designers that are not only skilled in design work but also understand that a logo is more than art – it’s a marketing tool. Logos serve a very specific marketing purpose and have to be designed with advertising in mind. Hiring a graphic designer is a great idea when starting the logo design process. Fusion Group USA will sit down with you and go over potential designs and ideas, giving you suggestions based on marketing knowledge and expertise. Call today to discuss logo design packages!

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