Graphic Design & First Impressions

Winning and retaining new customers is the key to growing your business. But reaching new customers isn’t easy – it always takes an investment in time or resources or both. It is easy to get tied up in PPC advertising, social media, or physical advertisements, but don’t ignore the power of graphic design in winning the attention of new customers.

Your graphic design is often the first introduction to new customers – whether it is from a Facebook post, branded packaging, or direct mail postcard. That is why creating professional and eye-catching designs has never been more important. We live in a visual world – just look at the rise of Instagram and Pinterest to see how much import we place on visual media.

Finding a New Drink

In thinking about the power of graphic and logo design, I was reminded of a recent experience at my local liquor store (I’m in Colorado, so liquor stores are a thing). I was looking at tequila for a cocktail I was making and I know next to nothing about tequila. So what do I look for? First, I checked prices and then it all came to which bottle looked the most attractive.

That’s it. I didn’t check reviews or ask a store employee. I just grabbed the most attractive bottle in my price range. And I stand by my choice because, in my experience, brands that pay attention to design pay attention to quality. While the brands that slap a cheap paper label on an ugly bottle aren’t fighting to win my attention. Give me the fighter any day of the week!

And this story has a happy ending. The drink was delicious, the tequila was just what I needed, and the bottle was a hit with my guests. That brand made a sale just because they invested in creative design. It’s a hard ROI to measure, but it works!

Judging Books by their Cover

Look, it was great advice for middle school kids but we’re all adults now. I judge books by their cover every day. I do it at the library and the liquor store. I drive my car because I like the way it looks. I form opinions based on how people are dressed.

That doesn’t mean you have to be a jerk about it – there are certainly exceptions to the rule. But the hard truth is that we all judge books by their cover. Don’t get thrown in with the bargain bin garbage because you don’t want to invest in a professional graphic designer.

Obviously, your product or service needs to be top-quality. But the quality doesn’t matter if no one bothers to pick up your product. Graphic design is your first impression (not your only impression), so get your foot in the door with graphic design that reflects your commitment to quality and advancement.

Don’t Chase Trends

But just shelling out the money for a graphic designer isn’t enough. You need to find a graphic designer or agency that understands your brand and can create work that speaks to your potential customers. There are a thousand and one graphic designers hawking their services right now, so how do you find the right one? In my opinion, you look for the designer that is willing to buck trends and take risks.

Chasing the latest trends is a great way to always be in second place. If you want to position your brand to succeed through graphic design, you need to be willing to get out front. Sure, there are risks of leading the way but there’s no other way to be in first place. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, but you do need to stand out. So, find a designer that is willing to take risks with and for your business.

Graphic Design Agency

Fusion Group USA offers graphic design services that will position your brand to win and retain new customers. We’re not satisfied with chasing the latest trends, instead, we set out to create designs that lead the way. From logos to print collateral, we can design, print, and distribute marketing designs for your business. Let us help you grow your business through the power of first impressions and professional graphic design!

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