Google Maps for Business: 10 Tips to Help Get You on The MAP

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We have compiled 10 simple steps to help your business to not only onto Google maps, but also onto the minds of potential customers.

In 2018, reported 67% of respondents were more likely to use Google Maps over Waze, Apple Maps, and MapQuest.

            90% of the respondents use Google Maps for driving directions

            77% use Google Maps regularly

            36% look at Google Maps before leaving their house

            34% look at Google Maps while en route (hopefully not while driving)

            30% look at Google Maps before and during their commute


  1. Users can follow your business in the Google Maps application in a manner similar to following a page on Facebook. Lovin’ the exposure and interaction that your Facebook page promotes? Don’t miss out on Google Maps!
  1. People can connect with your business before you even open. That’s right- your business can get out there and establish a following before you’re even officially open for business! You can still create a free business profile that appears in search results three months before you actually open. Plus, your open date is clearly labeled in orange from the get-go.
  1. Users can initiate text conversations with your business through their GMB profiles. You’ll receive SMS notifications when you’ve received a new message.
  1. Actively engage with customers to be rewarded: you’ll see statistics like number of total clicks on your business’s ‘Message’ button and the totally number of conversations you have going at any time.
  1. Google is making it so directions are largely landmark based versus the traditional ‘turn left on Main Street’ approach. This means that if your business is on the map, you’ll receive free exposure by serving as a point of reference during navigation.
  1. If you don’t keep your content descriptive and updated, whether that be your location, offered services, or customer reviews, then you’re not going to experience the benefits of GMB.
  1. The more information you give Google about your business, such as current services and products or languages spoken/understood by staff, the more you’ll get out of GMB.
  1. Good reviews matter a lot– the more of them your business has, the more likely your business is to be referenced as a landmark or point of interest. 
  1. Customers can check out nearby areas to pull up suggestions on restaurants, activities, and events. This is also centered around the reputation of your business.
  1. Google will personalize suggestions for customers based on their bookmarks, visits, ratings, and reviews.


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