Commercial Printing: Getting What You Pay For

People are becoming more self-reliant in the 21st Century, and the Internet has been a huge part of this process. You can do almost anything online without having to deal with a middle-man – get cheap concert tickets, purchase new shoes, fantasize about your next vacation…the list goes on and on. So, it’s only natural to look online for business printing – business cards, letterhead, envelopes, etc…right? But, do you really know what you’re getting when you order from online printers? Probably not. Especially when they lure you in with ultra-cheap pricing and promises of outstanding quality. Fusion Group USA offers great competitive pricing, and you know exactly what you’re getting because we provide samples and the opportunity to be part of the design process. So why should you choose Fusion Group USA over a DIY online printer?

Owning a business is challenging, especially considering all the costs that go into that business. It’s not just about perfecting your product or service, because you can have a great product or an amazing service and still make no money. The key to this is advertising and spreading your brand identity– letting people know about your great product or service so that they become prospective customers. One way to spread your advertising message or establish your brand exposure and recognition is through commercial printing. Business cards, signage, and stationery can all boost business, attracting new customers and creating brand presence for your company. With the help of the Internet, this can be done easier and quicker than you would imagine, but one must be careful when entering into the potentially deceiving realm of DIY design and printing.

John Williams of Entrepreneur magazine addressed the dawn of the “do-it-yourself online business-card printing” phenomenon in his article, “The ABCs of Business Cards.” He discusses the issue that many people face when designing and printing online, the ever-present question of “will people think my card looks cheap?” The problem with some of these websites is that they advertise what may seem to be high-quality products at amazingly cheap prices. Therein lies the quandary of purchasing printed items online…is my card going to look the way it did when I designed it online? The answer is probably no – you are most likely getting exactly what you pay for. Don’t spend money on something that doesn’t comprehensively define your business and your taste!

Now, you can have the reassurance of working with a trusted local business, and the convenience of DIY design and printing website – because we make the process easy and take the guesswork out of it for you. Fusion Group USA, Inc. is always looking for ways to stay competitive in the marketing and advertising fields while retaining their attention to detail and quality. Fusion Group USA values its clientele and places the utmost importance on satisfaction with every printed product – which is essential, considering any item you print represents you as a business! Working with Fusion Group USA gives you the opportunity to be part of the design process and be assured that you will get quality printed items – because there are no illusions. Fusion Group USA has talented designers and dedicated account representatives to ensure that anything you print with us will be exactly how you imagined it would turn out.

Fusion Group USA offers competitive pricing and great customer service. Combining these factors with the ability to be part of every aspect of the design process (after all, it’s your business image!) of your printed items will put those doubts to rest. Call us today or use our contact form to get started on your business printing design!

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