Five Easy Ways to Grow Your Email List

Email marketing continues to be a successful tool for reaching interested consumers – as email generates 40 times more customers than social media. When it comes to reaching engaged customers, there is no better channel than email, so what can a business do to expand their reach through growing their email list? Today I’ll cover five easy ways to expand your email list.

But before we jump into these specific techniques, I want to dispel a myth about email subscriber lists. So many marketers and business owners blindly think that more is always better. But the truth is that quality matters over quantity.  The problem with trying to reach every person on planet earth is that you end up alienating you core base – the very ones who are out there supporting your brand. I’m not saying more is bad – just don’t expand your list at the expense of your already loyal customer! With that out of the way, on to the list:

1. Create Great Content

I know it sounds obvious, but you need something to offer to your subscribers – and that something needs to be of the highest quality. A lot of businesses think they need to grow their list before they start investing the time and resources to craft quality content, but that’s putting the cart before the horse! If you want to get (and more importantly keep) subscribers, make sure you are providing quality and useful content.

2. Retarget Your Old List

If you have an old, stale email list, then you are already ahead of the game. But instead of just importing all your old contact, you should start with a re-opt-in campaign. Email lists degrade by about 22% every year, so a lot of those emails won’t be valid anyway. Instead of just spamming these old address, send out an email touting your new list and its benefits. This way you can purge dead and uninterested subscribers – and save your open-rates in the process.

3. Offer Gated Content

When it comes to getting new subscribers, one of the best ways is with gated content. The most popular option here is to create e-books or white papers and offer them in exchange for an email address. These e-books can be promoted on your website and across social media – just make sure they offer real value; otherwise, these potential customers will feel cheated.

4. Facebook Call-to-Action Button

Facebook now allows businesses to create custom call-to-action buttons that appear at the top of your page. There’s a bunch of great ways to utilize these CTA buttons, but for our purposes consider using the button to promote email sign-ups. People searching your business’ Facebook page are already interested in your services; capitalize on that interest by capturing their email addresses then and there.

5. In-Person Email Collection

Just because email is a digital channel, it does not mean that you can’t use in-person techniques to collect email subscribers. Trade shows are a great place to collect emails – especially if you have a tablet kiosk to streamline the process. Other options include industry events, QR codes on printed collateral, and in-store requests. If you’re collecting email this way, it is recommended to use a double opt-in welcome email to confirm the subscription.

Email Marketing

Email marketing will continue to be a vital part of any successful marketing effort. And if you put in the work to build your subscriber list, then you’ll be well positioned for success. By growing your list the smart way – honestly, slowly, and organically – you can help to capitalize on the power of email marketing.

If you need help using email marketing for your business, Fusion Group USA can help with list building, email automation, design, copy-writing, A/B testing, and more! Contact us today if you’re interested in learning more about our email marketing services.

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