Finding Your Website Purpose

Do you know what your website purpose is? There are a few different reasons for having a website and having a clearly defined purpose will streamline and clarify your website’s design. Your website is an online marketing asset and it’s important to use it to its highest potential so that its money well spent! Consulting with a web design agency before starting the process may be the best way to start so that you can establish exactly what you want out of your site.

You don’t want your customers to be confused when they visit your site. There are three main purposes for business websites: to generate leads, sell your products or services, and establish your business online. If you’re looking to generate leads, you want to get people interested in your products and services and encourage them to reach out to you. You can get people to contact you using a contact form or landing page, create a newsletter they can sign up for, and use your contacts for sales leads. This would be a relatively simple site with a contact page and would be very similar to establishing your site online. However if you’re just establishing a presence, you may want to start with an easy one page site with your information, pictures, and contact information.

An eCommerce site is more complicated and directed. Creating a site that is appealing and a shopping cart that easy to use and functional is complex. This will be more of an investment of time and money to ensure it works exactly how it should so that your business operates smoothly. Go in with an idea of how you want your online store to be set up and how you would like it to function. Hiring an agency in this case would be a lot less stressful than trying to set it up yourself. Fusion Group USA has designed a number of eCommerce sites that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are highly functional and successful. Check out our portfolio!

Gaining an understanding of your market area and your target market will help you decide on what kind of site to get. For instance, living in a smaller market area it may be beneficial for you to simply establish an online presence so that people know where to look for you. Giving people an option to visit your store or contact you using your site is a great start! Also, if your business is not a brick-and-mortar establishment and you are more service-oriented having a site geared for lead generation and establishing your online presence would be a huge asset to your business. Really take into account your market and the nature of your business.

Overall coming up with a solid purpose for your site will ultimately make the process smoother and create a more focused end product. Fusion Group USA can help throughout this process – giving you the opportunity to state exactly what you want out of your site. Using marketing and online expertise in conjunction with design and development talent, Fusion Group USA can help your site will reach its highest potential!

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