Why Your Website Might Be Failing

OK, maybe your website isn’t necessarily failing…yet. Do you get the feeling you’re on a sinking ship? There could be a few things about your website keeping it from reaching its potential. These are things that can be fixed either directly by you as the business owner or by a skilled web designer, like the ones Fusion Group USA employs! If you’ve run into a brick wall with your website, what are some things that may be holding you back from breaking through?

  1. Your website is STILL not mobile-friendly or responsive.

Is your website still not compatible with mobile devices? Nearly 80% of internet users own a smartphone and are using it to look your business up! There are a lot of people that may simply abandon your website on a smartphone because it would take too much effort to navigate through your unfriendly site using their device. Make it easy for them so they don’t leave your site!

  1. You have no content strategy and you have no idea was SEO is!

Content is important to the success of your site. Not only do you need to have engaging, informative, and succinct content to keep people engaged and interested it’s important for search engines to rank you. Your content should be well-written and relevant to your business so that search engines like Google can rank you accordingly. If deemed relevant by a number of factors, your site can rise through the rankings and be found easier by people searching for keywords and phrases linked to your content. If you’re curious about why SEO is so important, check out our blog “What’s the Deal with SEO?”. To sum it up though, SEO is the most cost-effective form of online marketing and solidifies your online presence. It’s important!

  1. You aren’t updating your site.

Just because you launched a site doesn’t mean the work is over. This is something that needs regular maintenance and attention to keep it fresh. Staying on top of your content and updating with any business changes is important to keep your current and prospective customers up to date and informed. This is something that you can let the professionals handle. Fusion Group USA has a number of affordable hosting packages that include monthly updating and maintenance, that way you don’t have to worry about it!

  1. Not responding to customers.

So you have a contact form. Do you use it? Do you respond to emails? If not, this is a surefire way of turning people away – if people don’t feel that their potential is valued, they’re not going to give you their business. This is something that is up to you to change. If your contact form is not something that you use regularly, direct people instead to your social media sites. Use this for communications and connections. Either way, you have to respond to people to keep them interested!

These are only a few ways your site may be struggling, there are so many other reasons your site may be failing. If you’re concerned with the state of your website, call or contact Fusion Group USA today. We can evaluate your current site and suggest changes that need to be made to make it more successful at boosting your business. We have skilled webs designers and developers that have extensive knowledge about SEO, website design, and current web development trends.

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