Facebook Focused Marketing

The number of social media platforms available to today’s online marketer is reaching staggering proportions. How can a small (or even medium-sized) business meet the shifting demands of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, and whatever is coming in 2017? Should you work to have an active presence on each of them? Or just focus the ones you know and already use?

While branching out and reaching new audiences is always good, I want to argue that focusing on Facebook as your primary social media marketing channel is still a successful tactic. Facebook continues to have a dominate share of the social media world, and that doesn’t look like it is going to change any time soon. Here are four reasons that Facebook should still be the dominate focus for small- and medium-sized businesses:

  1. The Rise of Video: The importance of video content continues to grow, and Facebook offers the most comprehensive video options. They make it easy – letting you record, edit, and post video directly from the Facebook app on your phone. Facebook also offer both pre-recorded and live video options – giving businesses the broadest range of choices. While Instagram and Twitter are both expanding their video platform, Facebook is still king of video content.
  2. Daily News: In the past, Twitter has dominated the social media based news platform. However, Facebook is rapidly catching up (and possibly even surpassing) Twitter as a go-to place for instant, crowd-sourced news. If Facebook can continue to grow the news and current events side of things, they will be able to consolidate news, information, and social interactions into one super-charged social media and information platform.
  3. Augmented Reality: Snapchat’s augmented reality filters may have blazed the trail, but Facebook has the power to bring it into the mainstream. As the idea of augment reality (AR) continues to infiltrate everyday life, Facebook is uniquely positioned to take full advantage of these new developments. Phone based photo and video AR filters will continue to grow and Facebook is actively investing in capitalizing on the popular trend.
  4. Social Search: In 2016, Facebook reached 2-billion search enquires per day. While Google still dominates the search world with 3.5 billion searches per day, the amount of Facebook searches reveals that people are using Facebook in new ways. It is no longer just a social media site, but also a place to find local businesses, events, and information.

An effective social media marketing strategy will generally focus on multiple channels, but one platform should be your dominate presence. If you’re just getting started in the social media marketing world, consider starting your platform on Facebook and build organically from there. Or if you already have a social media presence and its being spread too thin, consider pulling back to a Facebook-dominate presence until you have the resources to build a full social media presence.

Fusion Group USA builds successful social media marketing campaigns that fit your needs and budget. Contact us today to see how we can build a plan that is manageable, while building your brand awareness and social media presence.

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