Ever Thought About T-shirts?

In a few past posts, we’ve discussed the use of promotional items to advertise your brand. If you’re not into handing out stress balls and pens, maybe t-shirts or hats would be more up your alley. Apparel is popular – if you give a t-shirt to someone, they’re likely to wear it themselves or give it to someone who will. Plus, getting t-shirts (or hats or really any wearable) printed is basically like getting a bunch of cheaper billboards printed because people are acting as walking billboards. Think about all the big name brands like Nike, Victoria’s Secret PINK, Gap, Adidas, and many others that brand clothing with their logo and name. Coming up with a catchy slogan and incorporating your logo into the design gets you great exposure in the market.

An article on BusinessInsider.com by Samantha Cortez features a guy by the name Jason Sadler who makes $500K a year wearing other people’s t-shirts including companies like Arizona, Starbucks, and Pizza Hut. If big companies are paying big bucks to have a group of guys wear their t-shirts, there must be some marketing value in having branded t-shirts and apparel out there in the market. One statistic by Sage, stated that 85% of people that received a promotional item did business with the company they got it from and in another study, it was recorded that 58% of U.S. consumers own a promotional shirt. T-shirts are the way to go!

Fusion Group USA offers high quality screen printing and embroidery. We can also help you pick out the apparel and order it all for you – at an affordable cost. If you have a big event coming up, or you just want to gain more exposure for your brand, getting some t-shirts printed is an excellent idea. Call today for more help and to get started on your t-shirt marketing campaign!

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