Essential Pages Your Website Needs

You’ve been on the internet, right? Of course you have, it’s the 21st century. You’ve probably been to a number of different websites and Googled thousands of search terms and phrases. When you visit a site, do you pay attention to the pages that are included in that website? Pages could include About Us, Gallery, Contact Us, and all those other options that you see in the navigation bar. When deciding what you want to put on your website, it’s essential to come up with pages that you want in the navigation. Not only this, you want to keep things simple, neat, and concise so as not to overwhelm the user. So what are the essential pages that every site should have?

  1. Home Page

This one is kind of obvious. You need a main page that draws people in and establishes your credibility as a business. Your home pages is like the hub of your website and it’s where people will get their bearing, deciding where to go next. You can include catchy photos, videos, and content that will catch the user’s attention quickly – a study found that people will leave a site in 10-20 seconds if you don’t catch their attention. This page should really be your focus because it will be your first impression to people visiting your site. This is also a great place for your call to action – let people know what you can offer them and try to collect their information.

  1. About Us

You have to let people know who you are! This page is essential for making that connection with people. Why did you start your business? What are you passionate about? You need to have personality and highlight each person that works with or for you. This adds a personal dimension to the website that people like to see. You can also integrate a call to action here as well – it could be to connect with you on social media, which is a great way to get people engaged with your business!

  1. Product/Service Descriptions

This page is dedicated to what you do, which is why people are on your site in the first place. Give people a complete picture of everything you have to offer, including pictures. This is a great place to include a gallery, or even just a few pics here and there of you or your employees in action. Include short, concise, and clear descriptions so there is no question about what you do as a business.

  1. Testimonials

Testimonials are great because it further legitimizes your business by letting prospective customers know that you provide high quality services and have satisfied customers. Try to give as much info as possible so that people know they are legitimate testimonials. This page is different than linking to you Yelp or other reviewing site because it is strictly satisfied customers. You can also link to your Yelp page or other review site to put the image out that you are not hiding anything from prospective customers. Just remember to monitor and keep up with reviews, both positive and negative.

  1. Contact Us

A Contact Us page is essential to any professional website. You have to make it easy to get in touch with you! In addition to making it easy for people to contact you, your call to action should also be featured on your Contact Us page to encourage people to use your form. You do need to stay consistent with communication with people that use your form as well.

You want your site to be easily navigable and understandable, so limiting your website to a smaller number of pages and making each page count is important. Plus, limiting your page count and keeping things simple also makes your site more attractive on a number of devices. Fusion Group USA develops beautiful, professional sites focused on fresh, simple, and neat designs. You can check out our Portfolio to see some the great business websites we have completed in the past!

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