5 Useful Tips for Email Marketing

Email marketing is still a very powerful marketing strategy – who can think of that doesn’t have an email address? It’s a convenient and instantaneous way to get your message to people. Email marketing is not just about sending out a bunch of emails – it requires planning and strategy. Here are some tips for email marketing:

  1. Make sure you’re sending targeted, relevant messages.

It’s not just about gathering as many emails as you possibly can and blasting them with emails that most of them will delete. You need to gather data on the specific demographic you are targeting with the emails in order to make sure your message is more likely to be seen.

  1. Always get permission.

You want your emails to represent your business – legitimate and effective. You don’t want your emails to be seen as spam. Permission-Based Email Marketing, or opt-in email, is basically only sending messages to people who want to receive them and being sure to include an easy option to opt out of emails (the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003). Be smart about your email marketing strategy and ask permission to let people know that you value their time – it will pay off in the end!

  1. Personalize when you can!

Adding a personalized message to your email can increase your conversion rates by 15-25% according to a post on Salesforce Marketing Cloud. If you feel like something is tailored specifically for you, you’re more invested in reading the email. In addition to higher conversion rates, it could increase your click-through rates by 25-35%.

  1. Make sure it’s mobile-optimized.

We discussed the importance of having a mobile-friendly site in one of our earlier blog posts, the same is true for email! You want people to see that your business is up to date and relevant, plus you want their experience to be as user-friendly as possible!

  1. Be sure to stay true to your brand.

Customize your email message to fit your brand identity. Prospective customers get a feel for what kind of business you are from the get-go creating a sense of familiarity. You should always take your brand into account when developing marketing messages to ensure consistency.

Email marketing can still be a useful tool, and Fusion Group USA can help you in the process. We can help you send messages intended to enhance customer loyalty, try to acquire new customers, reconnect with existing customers, or add advertisements to email messages sent by other companies. Contact us to talk more about email marketing and how it can help your business.

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