Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Reaching a modern audience means employing digital methods, and email marketing directly delivers a commercial message in a digital and convenient package. Covering automated drip campaigns, email blasts, newsletters, and more; email marketing is a modern, economical, and effective way to reach customers with your brand’s message.

Fusion Group USA can handle your next email marketing campaign with services that cover the entire process: from message creation and design to in-depth data tracking and analytics. We have the experience to create email messages that generate views, clicks, and conversions. Whether you need help with automation services, email list management, responsive design, personalization, or are looking for a full-service email marketing provider; Fusion Group USA is ready to help!

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Fusion Email Marketing Services

Our email marketing cover the following services:

  • Creative Design – From copy to graphic design, we have an in-house creative team that creates beautiful and engaging emails that are sure to generate buzz around your brand.
  • List Management – Building an email list is hard work, and knowing what to do with that list is just as hard. Fusion Group USA has years of experience optimizing and growing email lists with an eye toward growing your business.
  • Email Automation – No one has time to send an email to every new client and customer, that why email automation is such a powerful tool. We can set up an automated campaign that is designed to move consumers through your sales funnel and lead to closed sales.
  • Reports & Tracking – Trackable data is the backbone of email marketing as it allows marketers to see exactly what works and what doesn’t. Our in-depth analytics let us track views, clicks, and interactions – invaluable data when it comes to proving a return on your marketing investment.
  • Quality Assurance – Our emails go through a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure that they look beautiful on a wide variety of email platforms and devices. We test multiple popular email platforms such as Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo! Mail to make sure that your content, visuals, and calls to action all have the maximum impact; and our designs are always mobile friendly and ready to be viewed on any device.

Winning Email Designs

There is a lot of cross-over between web design and email marketing. Many of the same design principles apply to both disciplines – including hero images, flat design, and image-rich content. We take our extensive experience in web design and use it to build emails that are engaging, aesthetically pleasing, and familiar.

We also always build your marketing emails in a responsive format that looks great no matter what device your customers use – phone, tablet, or desktop. The majority of email users now read most of their messages on mobile devices, and so the use of responsive, mobile friendly design is more important than ever.

Our team of graphic designers has extensive experience in matching your marketing emails to your existing website and brand image. Utilizing color, images, and typography that fits your brand identity and reaches customers with emotionally powered messages. All while our skilled writers unite engaging copy with pleasing, on-brand design.

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Highly Personalized Email Marketing

Modern inboxes are cluttered places. Avoiding spam-blockers and message filtering is a difficult task, but an essential one if you want your email marketing to hit its mark. Personalized emails are one way to make it through spam blockers and land confidently in customer’s inboxes.

By including personal information (such as your customer’s name) in the subject line or body sends messages to email providers that your content is personalized. This personalization increases your odds of clearing the spam filter and greatly increases clicks and views.

At Fusion Group USA, we’re always tweaking our methods to ensure that we’re getting maximum reach on our email marketing efforts. Through regular trial-and-error testing, we build emails that are engaging to readers and relevant to spam filters.

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Email Marketing with Fusion Group USA

Reaching consumers by email can be an effective and economical approach to marketing and advertising, but it is also a highly competitive market. Most inboxes are flooded with promotional and sales emails, so reaching your audience requires a unique combination of technical know-how, beautiful designs, engaging copy, and clear calls-to-action. Fusion Group USA has extensive experience in building email campaigns that reach inboxes, generate clicks, and lead to conversions. Because we handle all our work, from design to data management, in-house we offer top-notch service at a highly competitive price. Contact us today to see how Fusion Group USA can transform your next email marketing effort.