Automating Success: Email Marketing Drip Campaigns

Everyone knows that two is better than one – unless we’re talking about spiders, speeding tickets, or cavities. But we’re not talking about those things, instead, we’re talking about converting leads and retaining customers with automated email marketing. And in that case, two (or three or four) is always better than one! Many business owners avoid getting into extensive email marketing drip campaigns because they seem like a lot of work.

But they are essential if you want to see an ROI on your email efforts. Converting leads and retaining customers will always require multiple touches (probably through multiple channels). And email marketing drip campaigns are one of the easiest ways to ensure multiple contacts with your customers.

Automation Benefits

The days of manually email marketing are in the past – advances in automation technology allow us to build campaigns around specific goals that will ensure you’re staying in touch with potential clients and existing customers.

While there is some front-loaded work, automated email marketing drip campaigns take the daily, repetitive tasks out of staying in touch with your contacts. And this frees you to focus on other areas of your business. Let’s face it, automation is the future and the future is here.

If you’re still fighting to send regular emails to your leads, it is time to shift your mindset. Automated drip campaigns open up a wide range of options while ensuring that you maintain consistent and intentional contact with all your clients and customers.

Examples of Email Marketing Drip Campaigns

Automated email marketing is really only limited by your imagination, but there are some common methods that work great for converting leads and also retaining existing customers. We’ll run through a few outlines that will get you thinking about how automation can change your email game. These are just barebones looks – but they can be customized to fit your exact business needs.

Lead Nurturing

One of the most basic uses of automated email marketing is in lead nurturing. With an email marketing drip campaign, you can set up a series of emails that slowly move people through your marketing funnel. Start with educational content that addresses your audiences real pain points – this will establish your brand in your leads mind.

From there, you can move into providing more specific information about your company and how you help to meet their specific needs. Continue to mix education content with your company benefits until you’ve established trust before pushing the conversion with a special offer, free trial, or other incentives.

Special Events

If your business is sponsoring a special event, you have a perfect opportunity to stay in contact with your customer base. You can set up an automated campaign that pushes ticket sales then converts into a reminder and preparation series. It’s also possible to use these emails to upsell to better packages or offer information about your other offerings.

For basic inspiration, the music festival industry dominates this kind of event marketing. But the principles apply to any event you may be involved with – from charity golf tournaments to after-hours gathers at your storefront. People are naturally excited about special events – harness that with an email campaign

New Customer Welcome

Converting customers might be the primary focus of your email marketing, but don’t forget to nurture your existing customers as well. Make new customers feel welcome with a series of emails that welcome them to your business.

Start with a simple welcome email, then deepen your relationship by offering educational content geared toward their purchase habits. Once you have developed that relationship with your customer base, you can work on upselling or expanding their purchases through special loyalty offers.

Blog Subscribers

If you have a blog (and you should), then you should consider building an email list around your interested readers. Once you have an interested reader base, you can set some automated campaigns that ensure you keep them engaged with your new content.

Consider starting with a welcome email (always a good idea) before you start sending out regular updates on your blog writing. The frequency of these emails will depend on the amount of content you produce – but monthly digests are always a good place to get started. As with all these campaigns, it is a good idea to use foster a sense of exclusivity by offering them unique content or special offers.

Harnessing the Power of Automation

The old-style email marketing was a massive resource drain – who has time to write and send countless emails to hundreds or thousands of leads and customers? But the explosion of automation options over the last few years has opened up marketing techniques that used to only be available to the biggest of corporations.

Staying in touch with your target audience has never been easier – it just takes the creativity to reach your base with messaging that matters to them. And that’s where we come in. As a full-service marketing and advertising agency, we specialize in crafting messaging that resonates with your target audience and delivering it in the most impactful way possible.

We’d love the chance to show you how we can use email marketing drip campaigns to change the way you grow your business! Contact us today if you’re interested in taking your digital marketing and advertising to the next level with Fusion Group USA.

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