11 Ecommerce Website Design Trends

Do you have an eCommerce site? Are you thinking about getting an eCommerce site? There are a number of trends for eCommerce sites that will make your site look up to date and engaging to customers. Giving your eCommerce site a facelift is like redecorating or remodeling your brick-and-mortar store, it’s necessary to stay fresh! Staying on top of trends will make your site more competitive in the long-run. Fusion Group USA stays on top of trends so you don’t have to. If you’re taking a look at your eCommerce site and it’s looking a little drab, use some of these trends to spruce it up!

  1. Make your site mobile! People shop on their phone too, make sure that your site is something people will be able to access from their mobile device. Nearly 62% of smartphone users have used their phones to make a purchase in the last 6 months.
  2. Keep it simple! Keep it easy to read and navigable so that it’s easy for customers to find exactly what they’re looking for. Adding a search bar to your eCommerce website could also encourage people to visit because it makes it easier to find specific items.
  3. Utilize social media. Most people get buying suggestions from their friends on Facebook and other social networking sites.
  4. Pay attention to your load time – if an eCommerce site is slow to load, people will lose interest and leave the site. Even a 1 second delay in loading time can reduce conversion by 7%!
  5. Make your contact info easy to read and accessible. Include a contact page so that customers can get in touch with you if necessary. If people feel that they can’t contact someone with a problem, frustration leads people to leave the site.
  6. Be sure that if you feature pictures (which you should!) on your site of your products, that your pictures look professional. Nothing turns a customer off faster than an unflattering picture.
  7. Add testimonials! If you have satisfied customers, be sure to add their personal testimonials to the page or link your eCommerce site the online review site you use (like Yelp!). People trust online reviews – 88% trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.
  8. Hidden menus are becoming popular because they clear up clutter on your homepage making it look neat and tidy. Utilizing a “hamburger” menu may be a good idea. People know what they are for because they are so prevalent in web design these days. Once they click the menu, the options will drop down and navigation is easy from there.
  9. Card layouts and oversized pictures are all the rage! Creating “cards” that highlight different products on the webpage, similar to Pinterest, are user-friendly and attractive. Highlighting certain products by enlarging the image or even making it a background also adds a modern twist to your eCommerce site. It’s all about focusing the customer’s attention on the product.
  10. Spend less time on content and more time on pictures. Content is still important, but the pictures should be the focal point. And if you pay attention to SEO while putting together images, you won’t lose out on rankings – images and video can be optimized for search engines.
  11. Capturing information is important to building a customer base. A popular way to do this is to offer a coupon or promo code to people with a pop-up if they enter their email address. Send them the promo code, they get a discount and you get their email for future marketing. Both parties win!

Fusion Group USA has designed and developed a number of eCommerce sites utilizing some of these trends. If you’re interested in what Fusion Group USA can do for your eCommerce site, call us today to get a consultation!

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