Successful eCommerce Site Design

Do you sell your products online? Having an eCommerce site is great for business – allowing people the option to look and shop online is a lot easier than having to leave the comfort of their home to go shopping. Making things convenient is the name of the game! Here are some great tips on making your eCommerce site stand out:

  • Give your customers a great shopping experience. Be sure you’re taking high-quality picture of your products, and including different angles, colors, styles, options, etc. when adding them to your shopping cart. You want to give your customers a clear idea of what the product looks like – almost as if they’re in the store looking at it. Categorize your products based on type, style, or product uses to make your site as easy to navigate as possible – you don’t want your customer to just give up if they can’t find what they are looking for or feel overwhelmed sifting through hundreds of products.
  • Make checkout as simple and secure as possible. If people get frustrated during the checkout process or feel that their transaction is unsecured, they’ll probably just abandon the shopping cart. Including a guest checkout option is a good idea – not everyone wants to sign up for an account, and one Kissmetrics study showed that 23% of people abandon their shopping cart if they have to take time to create a user account. Your cart should be quick, include easy forms, show the customer’s progress through checkout, and give a cart summary with all costs (including shipping) upfront. Kissmetrics also found that 28% of online shoppers will abandon their carts if unexpected shipping costs pop up at the last minute.
  • Create an interactive shopping experience. Adding social share buttons to your products and giving people the option to like and share certain products with friends enhances their online shopping experience. You can add a link for “Ask your friend for advice” that shares the product in Facebook so you can ask certain friends what they think of the product. This is a great way to engage online shoppers and keep them interested in shopping with you. Also consider linking your customer reviews to your site so that people can read what others have to say about your products and service. Nearly 55% of online shoppers say that online reviews influence their buying decision. Stay on top of your online reputation and always respond to reviews to make sure you are keeping your customers happy.
  • Focus on SEO. You want your eCommerce to be found, so you should incorporate some SEO strategies to help your site rank. Creating a responsive site, writing high-quality content with keywords, making your site easy to navigate and user-friendly, and hiring a web developer with SEO knowledge are all important to helping your site rank higher on search engines.
  • Keep your shopping cart updated! Working with a web designer/developer that will help you set up the shopping cart and train you on how to make changes and updates is essential! Fusion Group USA can help you design, develop, and host your site in addition to training you on the ins and outs of your shopping cart so that you can hold the reigns. Keeping the pricing information valid, the items up to date, and letting people know when you are out of stock on an item enhance your customer service.

Your eCommerce site should look like your store – neat, tidy, stocked, and appealing to the customer. Understanding how to run your shopping cart and making things as user friendly as possible is the key to getting people’s business. Fusion Group USA can design and develop your eCommerce website in addition to show you how to keep it updated to ensure the success of your business online. Call today to get an estimate or to get more information on eCommerce website!

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