Is Direct Mail Marketing Still Relevant?

You may be thinking in the age of the internet, email, and online marketing that direct mail is no longer relevant – but think again. There are still a number of benefits to including direct mailing in your marketing plan. Fusion Group USA can help you design, print, and send out direct mailing pieces targeted to specific demographic groups based on your market and focus. Although people do overwhelmingly turn to the internet for information, many people still enjoy getting mail! So what are some reasons you should consider direct mail?

First, direct mailing is a targeted mailing approach. You purchase a list based on the demographics you specifically want to target and this list can be tailored to fit whatever audience you want whether it be homeowners, businesses, boat owners, construction workers….the options are numerous. Depending on the type of business you are and the consumers you are trying to attract, a list can be developed that is unique to your needs. Plus, the piece you want to mail – a flyer, brochure, postcard – can be designed with those details in mind. You can put your own personal touch on mailing pieces to demonstrate value to your customer base and generate a message that they won’t be able to ignore.

Direct mail can be part of a successful, complete marketing plan. It can enhance your marketing efforts by building brand recognition and equity in addition to raising awareness about your products/services. Plus, if you have a website, sending a direct mail piece out with your website address and information could bring in more website traffic. USPS conducted a study and found that 67% of direct mail recipients, prospective customers, visited promoted websites. Unlike email, your direct mail will actually be seen by the customer and not immediately sent to a junk folder. They have to handle the mail first before they can decide to throw it away or keep it, and with the right design you may be able to catch their interest just long enough for them to consider your business or visit your website.

Advertising and marketing cost money. As the old adage goes, you have to spend money to make money. Direct mailing is quite cost effective, and depending on how well you design your card and if you include a call to action, like a coupon or savings, it can be well worth the money spent. Because it has the ability to be highly targeted, you have the power to control amount of money you want to invest in direct mailing. Fusion Group USA can work with you depending on your budget and will make sure that your mailing piece is design to attract people to check out your business. We can design, print, and mail the piece for you giving you the most bang for your buck. Direct mailing is still a relevant and useful way to market your business and Fusion Group USA is here to help!

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