Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Direct mail has long been an effective marketing and advertising tool. This remains the case as modern marketing tactics increasingly rely on reaching a consumer base through multiple channels – ranging from digital to physical. Fusion Group USA’s experience in leading multi-channel advertising campaigns has created a system that is based on actionable data and consistent returns on investment. And the data is clear: targeted direct mailing campaigns are reliably one of the best ways to reach consumers with your brand.

Our direct mail work combines in-house creative services, analytical data, platform integration, production, and distribution. Because we handle everything from creative direction to database management, we are able to offer complete control at amazing prices – making Fusion Group USA the best choice for full-service direct mailing.

Creative Services

List acquisition

Fusion Group USA is not only a direct mail provider, we also are a full-service graphic design and advertising firm. Because we have a full design team, we can provide services beyond just production and mailing of direct mail advertisements. We can handle your direct mail campaign from initial concept through distribution – saving our clients both time and money

Because we also handle marketing and advertising, Fusion Group USA has years of experience in integrating an existing brand identity with a new advertising campaign. Our in-house services allow complete create control of the entire project. Your direct mail advertisement is sure to be on brand and deliver your message.


Solid data is the bedrock of a successful direct mailing campaign, and we have access to the latest databases. With both geographic and demographic options, we can tailor a direct mail effort that reaches your target audience with laser-focus. Our demographic factors include dwelling type, home value, income, gender, marital status, length of residence and more.

We use this extensive data to plan, develop, and implement a direct mailingthat will reach and resonate with your targeted audience. We start by planning a campaign that reaches just the right people – saving on postage and printing costs; then move to developing a postcard or mailer that hits the sweet spot of your audience; and finally, we implement that plan with the production and distribution of your direct mail.

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