Direct Mail and Multi-Channel Follow Up

We’ve used this space to sing the praises of direct mail before. And we’re still big believers in the power of this tried-and-true marketing tool. But believing in the effectiveness of direct mail doesn’t blind us to the potential to improve on old techniques. In this blog post, we will look at how we can improve on the impressive ROI of direct mail with new technologies and approaches to the medium.  

We might as well face it – the modern marketing landscape requires us to embrace a multi-channel approach to reaching customers. The days of sending out a single mailer and waiting for customers to come rolling in are rapidly disappearing. And if we want direct mail to continue to be an effective tool, we have to find ways to incorporate it into a multi-channel strategy.

Multi-Channel Follow Up

You can still send out a mailer with no follow-up, but the power of modern direct mail campaigns comes from the ability to provide multi-channel follow up. Pursuing a multi-channel strategy allows you to get several touch-points within a week without becoming a nuisance.

Consider this example: your business gets a mailer from a marketing company and you have some marketing needs, but you’re not going to sign up with the first name you see. But then later that day an email pops up from the same company – and what might have been deleted yesterday now piques your interest. The name recognition is there because of the earlier mailer, but you still file it away for later. Then the next day you get a call from an account executive – now they have your attention!

Any one of those three efforts would have failed by themselves. But when they are combined into one campaign, the effectiveness skyrockets. That’s the power of incorporating a multi-channel approach into your direct mail strategy – whether you are a B2B or a B2C brand.

Getting Started

Direct mail that includes multi-channel follow up is powerful – but businesses still shy away because it requires some extra effort. You can’t just upload your customer list and fire off a postcard – but the results are worth the extra effort. And Fusion Group USA has all the tools to plan and execute a multi-channel direct mail campaign.

Trustworthy Data

Multi-channel follow up only works if you have solid data. If you’re working with inaccurate or outdated data, then you’re just doing more work for the same results. When it comes to planning your campaign, you need to be confident that you have properly matched-up addresses, emails, and phone numbers.

At Fusion Group USA, we only used the highest quality data providers so that you can be sure your message is reaching the right person within each channel.

Unified Creative

One purpose of multi-channel follow up is to generate brand recognition rapidly through several touch points in a short period of time. To achieve this, it is critical to have unified branding and messaging across all channels. The follow up will do no good if customers don’t immediately associate it with the other avenues of your campaign.

Because Fusion Group USA handles the entire process in-house (including graphic design, copywriting, and list management), we ensure that your messaging is consistent and on-brand across every channel.

Impeccable Timing

The success of this direct mail campaign depends heavily on getting the timing exactly right. You need to walk a fine line between becoming a nuisance and falling into forgetfulness. If every message lands on the same day, you’re just as likely to irritate your potential customers as you are to win their trust. But if you wait weeks between contact, then you lose the power of name recognition built into this strategy.

We have the tools and experience to make sure your message lands at just the right time and successfully walks the line between nuisance and forgettable.

Accurate Measurement

Running a direct mail campaign that utilizes a multi-channel follow up is a bigger investment than tradition direct mail efforts. Reading this blog post probably isn’t enough to convince you of the increased ROI that multi-channel campaigns bring – and that’s a good thing. Every marketing campaign should be measured to ensure that you’re growing your business through smart and sustainable strategies.

We are big believers in using accurate analytics and data to prove the value of our direct mail and marketing efforts. We meticulously measure and track every element so that we can continue to refine our approach and improve your return on investment.

Successful Direct Mail

Almost every direct mail campaign will end up with positive results, but there are ways to ensure that you maximize the return on your direct mail investment. By including follow up through a wide range of channels – including email and phone – you can get several touch points quickly and easily.

If you’re ready to use super-charged direct mail campaigns to grow your business, then get in touch with us today! We can build and execute a strategy for your business from initial planning and design through delivery and tracking.

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