Direct Mail: 4 Digital Tips for Success

Direct mail has shown a great deal of resiliency in the face of a digital marketing revolution. While many older methods have fallen out of favor, direct mail continues to thrive as an effective and economical way to reach consumers. Not only has direct mail continued to be relevant in a computer-based world, it has successfully incorporated digital advances to increase effectiveness.

The days of blindly sending a mailer to every door in town are gone – replaced by data-backed methods that increase conversion rates and ROI. Consider these four digital advances that can super-charge your next direct mail campaign:

  1. Personalization – Direct mail now offers a wide range of personalization options: from basic geography based options like directions to the nearest store to more exact tools like including the recipient’s name in the content of the mailer. By adding a touch of personalization your direct mail campaign can avoid the trashcan and make a bigger impact.
  2. Easier Calls to Action – The call to action is the most important part of any advertising campaign. By going digital with your call to action, businesses can make responding even easier. Simple methods include URLs and social media accounts, but also consider added QR codes that readers can scan with their smartphone to activate a deal or provide more information.
  3. Keyword Conscious – Many readers will skip the URL (especially if it is long or confusing) and just go straight to a Google search. Make sure the mailer’s content is focused on keywords for which your site ranks well. This means thinking like an SEO when writing direct mail content!
  4. Follow the Trends – The internet, and especially social media, make tracking the latest trends easier than ever. When it comes to direct mail, think like a social media marketer and use some of the latest trends in your direct mail campaign. Jokes, memes, and the like can be incorporated into a direct mailer to project a sense of fun and connection.

Direct mail is still a powerful tool – especially if it is energized by the latest in digital tools and trends. With precise demographic and geographic control, your message gets to the right people every time. Fusion Group USA offers data-backed direct mail strategies that combine the impact of physical media with the power of digital insight.

Contact us today to hear about our fully-scalable and trackable direct mail campaigns. With in-house design, production, and distribution you can be sure that your mailer is handled right from beginning to end.

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