Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

It’s the 21st century. That means digital marketing should be included in your marketing campaign strategy. This could include website design, social media marketing, online advertising, SEO, etc. Your marketing campaign should include some of these digital strategies to reach various demographics. However, there are some mistakes to avoid when incorporating digital marketing into your overall marketing campaign.

The first thing you should have is a clear focus. You need to develop some marketing goals that are identifiable and measurable so that you can always change or alter your strategies accordingly. In a post on CIO by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff, she discusses some of the goals as being in sales, form completions, sign ups, or calls. Without analytics tracking, it is very difficult to measure your return on investment or how well the strategy is working. Something that could be useful to incorporate into your digital marketing strategy could be email marketing. According to the post by Schiff, 91% of people like getting promotional emails from the companies they do business with – plus, you can track the number of emails you send out with the number of sales you make. This is a great way to track data and see how your digital market campaign is going.

Another mistake to avoiding social media or not having a clear strategy when it comes to networking. If you’re not employing social media, you need to! Social media offers a way for you to connect with your customers and increase customer satisfaction. If you are using social media, there are some things to remember to increase your success.

  • Don’t neglect people – if they comment or complain, it’s important to respond quickly and professionally. This will increase the likelihood that the complaint will be solved and you can keep that customer happy.
  • Always strategize your posts and don’t just post random comments, photos, and videos. Be sure that what you are posting is relevant to your brand and vision. And remember to stay consistent with posting to reassure the client that you are there for questions, comments, and complaints.
  • Don’t stretch yourself too thin and sign up for too many platforms at once. When you’re first starting out, try on or two networking sites so that you stay consistent with posting. If you sign up for too many at once, you run the risk of becoming overwhelmed with social networking and just stopping all together!

Besides social media and using quantifiable strategies, there are a lot of ways to incorporate digital media into your marketing campaign. It is important to have offline strategies as well – if you only use the internet to market, you run the risk of completely isolating certain demographics, specifically older generations. You want to mix traditional with modern marketing strategies to ensure you have a multi-level campaign. If you don’t have the time to put together your marketing campaign, Fusion Group USA has the expertise and knowledge to help you create an effective strategy.

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