Designing Winning Emails

Email marketing is an attractive option because of its inexpensive price point when compared to direct mail or other forms of direct marketing – while options for customization and automation make it an even more attractive choice. However, the world of email is highly competitive – with an estimated 205 billion emails sent every day!

Getting your email to stand out in that crowd isn’t easy, but it is possible. By crafting marketing emails that feature creative copy, eye-catching images, and clear calls-to-action, your email efforts will be rewarded with high click-through-rates, customer interaction, and even conversion rates. Use these five tips to create emails that aren’t lost in that overwhelming sea of 205 billion emails per day:

  1. Design for Mobile First: According to a recent study, 55% of emails are read on mobile devices – up almost 15% over the last two years. The upward trend of mobile email is only going to continue, and so your emails should have mobile in mind. Design emails assuming they will be read on a mobile device, with desktop considerations taking a backseat.
  2. Apply Web Design: Generally, good web design ideas translate well to good email design. Matching your marketing email design to current web design trends will give your readers something that is both aesthetically pleasing and familiar. Including features like hero images, flat design, zig-zag layouts, and image-rich content is sure to resonate with readers.
  3. Use Color Sense: When it comes to color selection – think big and bold. Standing out from the crowd will require making a visual impact on your readers. But balance that boldness with your brand’s style guide and any emotions you’re hoping to evoke.
  4. Links are Good: Don’t make readers hunt for a link, instead include them liberally throughout the email. Consider including links to email-specific landing pages, your social media pages, product pages, your home page, and any other places your think your readers might be interested in.
  5. Be Personable: Readers are getting too many emails every day, especially from boring, lifeless marketers. Don’t contribute to the problem! Instead breathe a little life and personality into your marketing emails. Readers would rather hear from you personally than another marketing robot – so don’t be scared to let your voice shine through.

By following these five tips, your email may make it through the noise and reach its audience. But the ultimate test of your email marketing ought to be this: would you want to read it? If this same email came through your inbox, would you take the time out of your busy day to look? If you wouldn’t, then it’s time to sharpen your email marketing. If you would, then hit the send button knowing that you can stand out from the competition.

If you’re struggling with how to write winning emails, properly set up an automated system, or just need some help getting started; Fusion Group USA has email marketing experts waiting to help you beat the billions of emails and get noticed. Contact us today to see how we can help!

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