Dependable Brand Development

Developing a successful brand means more than just a clever name or catchy logo – it means creating a cohesive identity that resonates with your target audience. Building and maintaining that consistent identity helps to shape customer expectations and eventually will build customer loyalty and community.

Brand development should grow out of solid research that identifies your target audience, market influencers, competition, and current trends. That market research should be combined to create an actionable brand development strategy that extends beyond just the basics to include content creation plans, style guides, and advertising and marketing plans.

Having a brand development plan will create a sense of trustworthiness and consistency to your audience, especially if that plan is implemented across your entire platform – from logo design to social media presence.

Consistent Content
When developing your brand, it is important to consider how that identity will extend to any content your business creates. From blog posts to videos to podcasts, how will your image impact what you have to say? Integrating the considerations of tone, voice, and style in your initial brand development will ensure a consistent image from the very beginning. A few things to consider when developing your brand identity:

  • Tone: Laidback and lighthearted? Or serious and educational?
  • Voice: Close and personal? Or detached and professional?
  • Social Media Presence: Irreverent and trendy? Or clean and informative?
  • Content Types: Fun (gifs, videos, short articles) or useful (long-form articles, white papers, instructional videos)?

Dependable Design
It is equally important to consider how your brand identity affects the design choices of your business. Many of the same questions of tone and voice will apply to graphic design – including color choice, style, and web- and logo-design.

  • Color: Color choice says a lot about your brand – communicating an image from sleek to luxurious, from exciting to educational. Check out our previous article on how color choice affects your brand identity.
  • Style: The style of your logo and branded products will tell customers a lot about what to expect from your brand; so make sure that you are logo design is painting an honest picture of your brand.
  • Web-design: Color and style choices should extend to your entire web-design, creating a consistent and reliable image that your customers can trust. All the same questions of appearance, tone, and voice apply across your website design and copy writing.

Steady Advertising and Marketing
Brand identity also should affect how and where your business advertises, as different channels present different images of professionalism, attitude, and style. And the same goes for marketing strategies – from street-level to high-end – your choice when it comes to building and promoting brand awareness will speak to your overall identity.

Let us Help
Fusion Group USA can help develop your brand identity – from initial planning to executing content, design, and marketing strategies. Contact us today to see how we can help build your identity and drive customer loyalty.

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