Custom Tailored Websites

I’m a pretty casual guy, but I do own two suits. One of them I bought off the rack at an outlet store, the other is bespoke. I like them both, but when I need to make an impression there is no doubt which one I turn to. It’s just too hard to beat a suit that was cut with my exact needs in mind. There are a thousand places to buy a suit, but if you want one that fits you have to get it tailor made.

The same applies to your website. You can go bargain shopping, but there’s a good chance you’ll end up with an embarrassing fit. I’m not saying you have to run out and get a Neiman Marcus, just that maybe Ross Dress for Less isn’t the place to buy a suit. And maybe Wix isn’t the place to buy a website.

The Bargain Bin

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Look, I love bargain shopping – for lounge wear and beach clothes and my 4-year old daughter. But when I’m meeting with clients, the defected t-shirts stay in the closet and the big guns come out.
So, if you need a website that gives an itinerary and directions for your next family reunion – maybe check out a bargain bin, do-it-yourself web builder. But if you’re looking to impress potential customers, then maybe you need something that doesn’t scream ‘cookie-cutter.’

And to push beyond the metaphor for a minute, these do-it-yourself website builders really are lacking. They all look the same (seriously, I can spot a SquareSpace site in about 3/10ths of a second), they are slow loading, and they will never perform well in SEO. Do yourself and your business a favor and don’t saddle yourself with a bargain bin website.

Off-the-Rack Websites

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Occasionally, you can find a suit that looks ok right off the rack – especially if you fit within the average sizes and shapes. I’ve got nothing against off-the-rack suits – they serve an important purpose. They save money, they’re easy to replace, and they don’t stand out. All acceptable attributes for a suit, not so much for a business website.

Many businesses, seeing the failure of cheap-o websites have moved up to template based sites. These sites look a bit more custom at first glance – but a closer look reveals the limitations of a template. Just like an off-the-rack suit, a template website is perfectly average. But do you want your business to have a perfectly average website?

Custom Tailored Websites

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There’s nothing that can compare to a tailor made suit. The perfect fit increases confidence and just makes you feel good! Sure, you spend a few extra bucks to get it made; but the fit and finish make it worth the sacrifice. There’s no substitute when you need to look great and feel better.

When it comes to websites, the same concepts apply. When you absolutely need to make a killer first impression and win over a skeptical audience, nothing beats a website that was custom made with your business in mind.

Your Custom Website

Hiring a true web developer means you get a site that is built with only you and your business in mind. A custom site will seamlessly integrate with your brand identity, fit your unique customer’s journey, and include hand-crafted finishing touches to your website.

Fusion Group USA only builds custom websites. We know that your business depends on making a great impression with potential customers and we build every site with that in mind. But what surprises many business owners is that we can do at such affordable rates. If you’re paying a monthly fee for an average website, contact us today and see how you can own your own custom website for less than you think!

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