Custom T-Shirts: Choosing the Right Material

Choosing the right garment can make or break your custom printed apparel. Nobody wants to wear the wrong shirt – even if it has the best graphics imaginable. Today we break down the four most common t-shirt materials so you know you’re getting just the right shirt for your next apparel purchase.

  1. Cotton – The old standard of t-shirts –100% cotton shirts are comfortable, extremely long lasting, and one of the cheapest options. However, there are a few downsides to going 100% cotton: they tend to shrink (unless you shell out the extra bucks for ‘pre-shrunk’ cotton) and they are often heavier or thicker than blended shirts (especially until they break in). Cotton shirts are a great choice if you’re looking to save money or need a garment that will last for years to come.
  2. Cotton/Polyester – Very similar to their full cotton brother, the cotton/polyester blend is comfortable, long lasting, and cheaper. However, the polyester adds the benefits of lighter weight. Cotton/polyester blends are always one of the most popular options as they combine the economic benefits of cotton with the comfort benefits of synthetic.
  3. Triblend – A combination of polyester, cotton, and rayon; triblend shirts are soft, wrinkle resistant, and breathable. The synthetic fibers in a triblend t-shirt are great for working out (because they are moisture-wicking) or relaxing on the couch (because they are comfortable). They tend to run a bit more expensive than cotton or cotton/polyester, but what they lack in economics they make up in comfort. The triblend is another customer favorite and is the material of choice for many fashion-forward t-shirt manufacturers.
  4. Polyester/Synthetic – Going full synthetic will be the most expensive option, but these garments are high-performance machines. Fully synthetic is great for gym/sport/yoga garments because they excel at wicking moisture away from the body and keeping you cool. Whether it’s a hot day in the sun or a tough session in the gym, a full synthetic shirt will keep you cool and comfortable. However, these shirts aren’t as comfortable to lounge around in – so keep that in mind when your picking out your next shirt.

Custom printed t-shirts are great for promotional products, give-aways, employee uniforms, or as additional sales products. Fusion Group USA can handle the garment selection, graphic design, and printing for all your custom apparel needs. Contact us today to see how we can help grow your business through top-quality custom apparel.

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