Custom Stickers and Decals

When thinking about custom printed stickers and decals, most mind’s race to bumper stickers (especially the extra cheesy ones); but the world of stickers and decals is infinitely more vast than just bumper stickers. With uses that range from truck/trailer decoration to sports equipment and well beyond, stickers aren’t just for bumpers anymore.
Fusion Group USA offers custom printed stickers in a staggering array of options. We have super-adhesive stickers that excel in industrial and construction environments, repositionable window decals for retail stores, helmet decals for football teams, standard bumper stickers, custom die-cuts, and sticker sheets.

The Sky is the Limit

Our custom die-cutting abilities really mean that we can make just about any sticker you can imagine. Our die cutting process allows us to create stickers in any shape – matching the outline of logos, designs, and artwork; no matter how simple or complex.
Beyond just die-cutting, we can also produce custom kiss-cut sticker sheets. Kiss-cutting is a process that only cuts the sticker and not the backing material – resulting in multiple stickers on a single backing sheet. These kiss-cut sheets are extremely popular and are great for promotional uses like trade-shows, swag packages, and handouts.

Labels and More

We also specialize in printing specialty roll labels. These easy to handle rolls are perfect for stickers and decals that have a repeated use – like labeling retail products, oil-change reminders, and more. Label rolls are highly customizable – with options for labels per roll, roll direction, sticker type, coatings, and material. Custom roll labels are quick, efficient, and economical – offering solutions to any repeated-use sticker you may need.

Beautiful Designs

All our stickers and decals are available in vibrant, full color printing. Meaning that we can match your existing design or design you something totally new that jumps out from the crowd. Our in-house graphic design team has years of experience creating eye-catching designs, and we love new challenges. So bring in your craziest idea and see what we can do with it!
Creating Custom stickers and decals just scratches the surface of what we do here at Fusion Group USA – we are a full service commercial print provider (meaning we can print just about anything you need), in additional to our marketing and advertising services, web design and development, and SEO work. We truly are a one-stop shop for all your business and marketing needs, so contact us today and see how Fusion Group USA can help to grow your business!

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