Graphic Design Firm

As a graphic design firm, we focus on creating an image that is true to your brand while resonating with your target audience. The image and style that surrounds your business are vital to the survival of your brand; whether it is a logo, website, promotional item, advertisement, or custom printed piece our aim is to create graphic designs that showcase your commitment to quality.

Fusion Group USA is a full-service, fully-integrated, graphic design firm, that specializes in creating professional designs with unparalleled client-agency collaboration. Our talented team of professional graphic designers believes in doing award-winning, high-quality, and cutting-edge work at a fair price and in a timely manner. Our graphic design firm’s commitment to the latest in design trends ensures your work is impacting your customers in a meaningful way.

Tips for Hiring a Graphic Design Firm or Creative Agency

  • Find an established agency – Hiring a fresh-faced college student may save a few dollars, but there is no classroom substitute for the experience of years spent on graphic design projects; the same goes for your cousin who watched a few Photoshop tutorials on YouTube. Hiring an established graphic designer allows you to look at their portfolio and make sure they are the right fit for your vision. Just remember, if you think it is expensive to hire a graphics professional, wait until you hire an amateur.
  • Look for a diverse portfolio – Unfortunately, many designers and young design companies have a very limited range. They present a few designs that are beautiful, but are they a good fit for your brand? A truly gifted graphic designer, within an established graphic design firm, can shift their style to fit your image, not force your image to fit their style.
  • Ask Questions – Quality graphic design is intentional, and a good graphic design firm will have an experienced Creative Director who will be able to address questions about style, color choice, and font selection with thoughtful answers. Excellent design isn’t just eye-catching, it takes brand identity into account when making decisions about color, placement, and feel.
  • Ask for References – Because graphic design relies so heavily on a collaborative client-agency relationship, feedback from existing clients is crucial to picking a graphic design firm. Some questions to consider asking include: Are they responsive to client needs? Do they take direction well? Did they meet deadlines?

Don’t settle for the first (or cheapest) graphic design firm you can find; your image depends on quality work and your image is too important to leave to chance.


The Fusion Group USA Process

When it comes to graphic design, open and honest communication is key – and we have structured our design process around keeping that communication in the forefront:

  1. Initial Objectives – the first step in our process is to sit down with our clients and find out exactly what they want. We cover defining objectives, budget considerations, style choices, and deadlines. This initial meeting establishes a relationship that will continue throughout the design process.
  2. Preliminary Design and Proof – Using the information from the initial meeting, we put together a preliminary design that drives the conversation forward. This step brings things out of the theoretical stage and allows our clients to visualize the direction of their project. Additional direction and changes are made at this point to further refine the vision and scope of the project.
  3. Final Design and Approval – As the result of the earlier collaboration, a final design is produced and sent to the client for approval. Any final changes are made at this point and the project is finalized and approved by the client.
  4. Ongoing Relationship – We’re not done when the final file goes to print – our goal is to build on-going relationships with our clients. With so much time and effort spent on building the client-agency relationship, it only makes sense to capitalize on that connection with a continuing and fruitful relationship.