Creating Target Personas

Whether your concerned with branding, advertising, social media, or content creation; it is important to understand your target audience. The best branding strategy, social media campaign, or blog is useless if it is not reaching people who care about your content.
Given the importance of understanding and reaching your target audience, the obvious question is how to define and refine the picture of your ideal customer. Answering the question of ‘who’ will help to answer the questions of how, why, when, and where.

Thinking Concretely
The solution is thinking concretely about your audience through creating audience personas – these are profiles of people you want to reach with your content; including how they think and act in the marketplace. To create an audience persona, begin my answering some basic questions like age, gender, and income. Once the basics are covered, it’s time to dig deeper into the habits, wants, and needs of your target audience. Given the overwhelming amount of content posted on a daily basis, the more specific your persona the better you can reach your audience through the noise of competing voices.
Some other factors to consider including:

  • Job
  • Hobbies
  • Goals
  • Influencers
  • Personality
  • Goals
  • Frustrations

Reaching Goals
These audience personas should be laid out before any marketing strategy is employed – using your company’s goals – and re-evaluated continuously by careful attention to social media followers, feedback surveys, and web analytics. Don’t worry about creating the perfect persona, just get something down to give your marketing, advertising, and social media a direction and then refine them as you see what resonates with your target audience.
The best marketing strategy and content creation isn’t effective if it is reaching the wrong people. Even if it’s just slightly off the mark, it’s too easy to be ignored in today’s busy marketplace – so it is important to have a specific audience in mind and cater your message to reach them.

Let us Help
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