Content Marketing for Small Business

Content is relevant and useful material that is written with the main goal of attracting and maintaining customers. Marketing and design agencies, like Fusion Group USA, write content for websites and marketing collateral to inform and persuade customers to do business with you. Content marketing is focused on distributing that material and reaching as many potential customers as possible. There are a few ways small businesses can benefit from a content marketing plan, or just getting some good content written!

  1. Content marketing lets people know about your brand. Getting fresh content out there that is well-written, engaging, and informative on a regular basis, whether it’s a blog, video, marketing collateral, or social media gets exposure for your brand. Building brand recognition is important so that you are in people’s mind when they are seeking the products or services you provide.
  2. Keeping your content up to date and getting it out to various channels helps keep your website fresh. Visiting a site that hasn’t been updated in a while can be a turn off for many users because it may seem unprofessional and uninteresting.
  3. Generating new content helps drive traffic to your site. If you are consistently writing fresh content and sharing this on social media or through email marketing, newsletters, etc. more people are seeing your content. If they read something they like through digital marketing, add a share button so that people can share or comment on your content.
  4. More content online means improved SEO. Google has more to crawl resulting in more relevant queries meaning higher rankings. If you post regularly in a blog, it gives Google more pages to index meaning it gives your site more chances to rank in search rankings. It also gives people a better chance to find your website.
  5. High quality content can boost your brand reputation online. If you are writing informative, relevant material that people find helpful you will gain their trust and respect. They will see your business as professional and knowledgeable, and industry leader.

Content marketing is great for generating leads, getting brand recognition, boosting SEO, and keep customers engaged. Content marketing is relatively inexpensive and can fit any budget, but it is time intensive. If you’re not a skilled persuasive writer it could be difficult to write effective content. Hiring an agency like Fusion Group USA to take care of content writing for websites and marketing collateral in addition to online reputation management, or social media management could be the boost in your content marketing strategy you need! Call today to learn more about content marketing.

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