Commercial Printing – Don’t Get Lost

Every company has printing needs – from humble business cards to fully designed flyers and promotional materials. These products will reflect your business and it is important to be sure that they are sending the right message. Well designed and executed printing is essential in presenting your business as trustworthy and successful.

Feeling Lost

With this in mind, you venture out into the wild world of commercial printing, only to realize that there is a dizzying array of options and a jungle of technical terminology and jargon:

  • Is your project print ready? Or do you have disassembled design elements?
  • Do you need basic CYMK printing, or the more expensive Pantone Matching System (PMS)?
  • What are your bleed requirements?
  • Paper weight? UV Coatings? 2-color? 4-color?

The list goes on and on and what started off as a quick project can easily take up an entire day – just to get your head around the options and terminology, then you still must decide on what to print!


Or maybe you know just what you need and decide to go with a cheap, DIY print service. You use a slightly cumbersome online template maker to put together a passable product, you wait a week, and eagerly tear into your new business cards only to find that your logo is pixelated, or the paper stock feels cheap, or the printing is off-center. You maybe saved few dollars, but at the expense of your company’s image.

Trusted Professionals

Instead of wasting time digging through glossaries of print terms and fiddling with online templates, a professional printer can get you amazing results at a competitive cost. Especially if you go through a full-service company like Fusion Group USA. Because we combine graphic design, copy-writing, and commercial printing under one roof, we are uniquely qualified to handle all your printing needs.

The experts at Fusion Group USA can walk you through your project – covering initial layout, color selection, and print requirements all the way to paper selection and coatings. Beyond that we also provide copy-writing services if you need content for flyers or promotional materials and our industry connections allow us to provide top quality service at a competitive price.

Contact us today to see how Fusion Group USA can help guide your next printing project from initial concept to beautiful final product.

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