Collaborating Design & Copy

With full-time, in-house graphic designers and copy-writers, Fusion Group USA offers something many firms can’t: collaborative efforts that seamlessly integrate across the entire creative process. With so many firms attempting to focus their entire efforts on just one stage of the process, they are forced to outsource either their design or copy-writing work to outsiders – often resulting in work that feels disjointed.

Unified Design
Here at Fusion Group USA, writers and designers collaborate from initial project kick-off through final creation. We even share workspaces so that the entire creative team can be involved in each step of the process. Working so closely allows us to create projects that are cohesive and integrated – there is no forcing wooden prose onto creative graphic design or cheap images into excellent copy. Our focus is to work together from start to finish, so that we create products that marry engaging copywriting with eye-catching graphic design.

In fact, we see writing and design as two sides of the same coin: word choice affects the look and feel of a design and design imparts context and meaning to the text. While other firms try to shoe-horn out-sourced prose into their designs, or drop cheaply designed graphics into quality writing, Fusion Group USA stands out from the crowd by integrating the two disciplines into a single team of design-conscious writers and copy-conscious designers.

In-House > Outhouse
Fusion Group USA’s commitment to keeping all of our creative work in-house allows us to provide start to finish control over the creative direction of your advertising, logo creation, web-design, or other project. Along with allowing complete control, maintaining an in-house team of creative professionals cuts down on development time and miscommunications in the design and creation process.

The Fusion Difference
Interested? Contact us today to set up a consultation and see just how our integrated creative teams can create cohesive and integrated designs for your next project.

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